Mining Sandbox ADV “Core Keeper” Release Topped 500,000 in 2 weeks-Beta test for Multiplay Improvement

Developer PugStorm and Publisher Fireshine Games announced that sales were over 500,000 from the release in early access for the mining sandbox adventure “Core Keeper” .

Core Keeper First Look - Core Keeper Full Release Video - Core Keeper Out Now - Episode 1

This work is a sandbox adventure game that promotes exploring the ancient mystery while enriching life with mining, agricultural work, craft, etc. as a person trapped in a vast underground world. It is said that it has attracted popularity from immediately after the start of early access and recorded over 100,000 in 2 days after release, and 250,000 fireshine Games history in one week.

In addition, in line with the announcement of 500 million breakthroughs, beta test implementation for completion of formal response to “Steam Deck” and problem solving in multiplayer is also announced. The beta test can participate by right-clicking “Core Keeper” in the STEAM library and selecting Experimental from the property’s beta tab. Click here for details on beta tests such as feedback destinations.

In addition to the top 500 million sales, TWITCH has attracted attention to the total viewing time of about 2 million hours, and “CORE KEEPER” is in progress at STEAM at an early access to 1,320 yen (tax included).