Super smash bros.ultimate shows the sephiroth DLC next week

How To Unlock Sephiroth Early in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Yeah, we have just written an entire article on the announcement of Sephiroth for super smash bros.ultimate, but we have a real update. Namely, the announcement we will all have our first in-depth look at Sephiroth as a DLC fighter next week, when the creative brain and director of Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, will have a presentation to show the newcomer. The presentation will take place on December 17 at 2 pm HP (17 h ET). Everyone loves Sakurai showcases – they are always a huge event and just a really deep look at what we can expect new additions to the list.

It is strange to describe a legend of the sephiroth game as “new” and put it in the same category as new characters like min min of the arm. We mean, Sephiroth has two years older than _Super Smash Bros. as a franchise. We certainly ask ourselves in which parts of its history Final Fantasy VII, its expanded universe and a myriad of crossed appearances fracser the incarnation will inspire, but maybe the real question is why it took it so? long to arrive here.

It’s great to hear, but it’s not the only sephiroth announcement that we need to share. Sephiroth has also been added to the huge Super Smash Bros.ultimate mural – in the only place where it could go. As this gif shows, Sephiroth will occupy the place right next to Cloud. The two fighters will be represented almost back to back. Now it’s a pose with a lot of implications, especially if we consider the way final fantasy vii remake seems to change the dynamics of their character. Will Sephiroth players have the opportunity to offer their hand to cloud players? Will cloud players have the opportunity to take it? Probably not, but we can dream.

Sephiroth will go down to the Fracser Arena as DLC in December 2020.