Com2us, OOTP23 April 22 restricted and preliminaries

[Data provided: Com2us]

\ – Com2us, MLB License Game Series Latest Release Date

\ – MLB, MLBPA and KBO to implement all things of real baseball through the formal license acquisition

\ – Formatting ahead of the self-store to carry out a prisoner… Provides a variety of benefits to participating users

** \ – Introducing various update information to the newly applied game,

Com2us said that the latest work of the MLB License Baseball Game <Out of The Park Baseball “(OOTP Baseball” (OOTP Baseball “(OOTP Baseball” (OOTP Baseball), which is developed and service,

is a PC online-based baseball management game that is ahead of the 23rd series opening this year. Through real-time games that seem to run a real club, we are a unique MLB management game that maps major league fans every year on the new season. In addition, we can experience the latest transfer information and roaster of real players through MLB, MLBPA and KBO’s license agreement, and all things of reality baseball can experience everything in reality baseball.

Com2u is a plan to introduce through the OOTP official website, Global Online Game Distribution Platform Steam, and Epic Store, and Game Website in accordance with the Major League opening season on April 22. In addition, the OOTP official website before release proceeds preliminary to order pre-order before the official release date. For precident participation users, various benefits will be given with the opportunity to meet a new package at a discounted price.

introduced a variety of update information that is new to the game through this prison page. First, it was able to easily enjoy the game for the first time in the game, which is the first introduction of the “tutorial system” to help the quick game adaptation of new users.

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In addition, we plan to implement the appearances of players such as their own 3d animation through a higher animation, and they are planning to implement them as they are in the game, and to add a variety of options in the club management system, which are core content, It is scheduled to provide fun of a sophisticated and finished club operation.

Meanwhile, the was the first series of Korean versions of the Korean Hangul Full version update, allowing domestic fans to enjoy global baseball games, more comfortable and convenient without language barriers. In addition, ‘OOTP GO’, which is the PC-based 22-year management game know-how, is presented in the global market, and is attracting great interest in baseball fans around the world.

More information can be found in OOTP Baseball ‘ Official website and Hangul homepage .