LOL – MSI 2022: Riot confirms the return to Korea and the return of the face-to-face public

League of Legends competition enthusiasts are congratulations. After the doubts of the fans about the celebration of the MSI 2022 , the developer has confirmed that it will be held at South Korea . There came rumors about the possible cancellation of the event due to the rebound of COVID-19 cases that has suffered the country over the past months, but will eventually be held by marking the competitive return to the nation after three seasons without events and with Public Persian .

How will the next MSI 2022 of South Korea be?

The celebration of MSI 20222 in South Korea will mean that the international mid-season tournament takes place in the country for the first time in history. The tournament will be played mainly at Busan , the second most populated city in the country with almost 3.5 million inhabitants. This city has already welcomed the quarterfinals of the Worlds 2014 and 2018 , which took place at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center, with capacity for more than 4,000 spectators in case there are no capacity restrictions.

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The celebration of the tournament in South Korea pays Western fans to the competition to morning schedule . Although Riot Games have not yet disclosed the official schedules in which each day of League of Legends competitive will have been held, in the country it is usual for parties to begin starting at 9:00 (Spanish peninsular time). A circumstance that will take us to ‘Madrugar’, especially during the group stage. It is expected that detailed schedules are revealed along the next dates.

As for the format, it will remain the same from last year . The teams will begin to compete in four groups. Of each of them two will be classified to a second phase of Liguilla with eight equipment and the first four classified will participate in a simple removal box with semifinals and final. Participants are still being determined, who will be the winners of each of the official Riot Games regions with the exception of CIS. The Commonwealth of Independent States, led by Russia, has seen its competition canceled due to the War of Ukraine. Because of this TESITURA, one of the groups of the first phase will have only three teams.