I am collecting Samsungs financial services.

As soon as the Samsung financial affiliates will be provided as a one-stop.

According to the 30-day industry, Samsung Card has been built as a Samsung Financial affiliate (Samsung Life, Samsung F & C, Samsung Securities), and a platform.

A person said, “As a” Samsung Card leads to a business, “Monica,”, “he did not necessarily be renamed as ‘Monico’,” he said, “he said,” We will be able to use Samsung Financial Services to “.

In April 202, Samsung Card is in charge of system operation and construction ▲ Samsung Fire (W17.4bn) ▲ Samsung Life (14.3 billion won) ▲ Samsung Securities (W7.4bn), etc. I have a.

It is because the Samsung Financial Platform is focusing on the industry, because the number of customers who joined the Samsung financial affiliate is in the big tech (Naver, Cacao).

According to the recent report at the Financial Economic Research Institute, the number of subscribers of four Samsung financial affiliates is about 20 million, including duplication. Naverfay is 16 million, Kakao Pay is 20 million, and Toss is 10 million people.

In particular, the industry officials are observing that Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be used for the Big Tech if the Samsung Pay Customers enter this app on this app.

“If you have a variety of benefits when you use a Samsung Financial Platform to the Samsung Fine User,” If you use the Samsung Financial Platform, the Early Customer’s Security Effects will be very large, “Samsung Piji will have a lot of benefits.”.

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However, it is very difficult to succeed when the Samsung Financial Platform is the same as the original app strategy of the existing financial companies. It is already that open banking has already begun and there is no reason to choose the Samsung Financial Platform with Mai Data (Identification Credit Information Management), in the circumstances of the business,

In addition to TOS, many banks are subject to the “living platform”, and they are attaching untreated services.