New PS Plus Memberships: All three steps explained

From June 2022 Sony expands its PlayStation Plus service to include more advantages and functions. While the standard option we have subscribed for years will remain under a slight rebranding, two more levels will be introduced to provide more of your members within your subscription. In this PS5 instructions we will break up and tell all three levels, whereupon each of you granted access.

New PS Plus Memberships: All three steps explained

The new stages introduced in June PS plus update include many new features, so the following table is designed as “at one look” view of what each level offers is designed. Look forward to see what you can access, and then read further to learn more in the individual sections below.

| Monthly downloadable PS5 and PS4 games | Exclusive Discounts, Cloud Storage, Online Multiplayer Access | A downloadable catalog with nearly 400 ps5 and PS4 games | PS3 Game Streaming | Game catalog for PS1, PS2 and PSP for download and streaming | Time-limited trial versions

PS plus-essential | Yes | Yes | – | – | – | –
PS PLUS-EXTRA | Yes | Yes | Yes | – | – | –
PS plus-premium | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes | Yes

PS plus essential explained

The PS plus Essential Level is the one for all current subscribers who want their membership to continue as it is already. This is just a rebranding of what we know today as PS plus, just with a new name. This level offers you a PS5 game and two PS4 games as well as access to online multiplayer, cloud storage and exclusive discounts within your membership.


  • Monthly – 6,99 £ / 8,99 € / $ 9.99
  • Annually – £ 49.99 / € 59.99 / $ 59.99

PS Plus Extra explained

If you want to add some PS5 and PS4 bonus game in addition to your PS plus base package, the PS Plus Extra level is just right for you. This essentially combines the existing PS Plus and PS now services under one roof, with the additional bonus that contains PS5 titles now. This catalog should include up to 400 ps5, PS4 games. All of them will be downloadable.

Explaining Sony's Three New PlayStation Plus Packages
At the start, the line-up includes Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Combat 11 and Return.


  • Monthly – £ 10.99 / € 13.99 / $ 14.99
  • Annually – 83,99 £ / 99,99 € / $ 99.99

PS plus premium explained

The highest level is expected to include most functions. In addition to everything that is included in the stages PS plus Essential and Extra, you also have the opportunity to stream PS3 games on your console. These titles are only available as streaming; Download options will not exist. This catalog will also extend to PS1, PS2 and PSP titles. Overall, the list of the included PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games 340 should be achieved. A list of games contained is not available at the time of writing. Finally, temporary trial versions of newer titles will be available via PS plus Premium.


  • Monthly – £ 13.49 / € 16.99 / $ 17.99
  • Annually – £ 99.99 / € 119.99 / $ 119.99

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