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With PS plus extra , the “Game Pass” of the PlayStation, Sony has confirmed the rumors about the project Spartacus , about which we had reported since 2021 . The service comparable to the Xbox Game Pass is offered in three price ranges and combines the features of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now . Users of streaming services on the PC are accordingly wondering which games like and in which price form for them will be available from June 2022 .

Which games are available for PS plus?

The highest animal of the new PS-Plus service is especially interesting for players on the PC. “PS plus premium” proposes to beech with a price of 16.99 euros per month and should grant access to over 700 games for PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation Portable on the PC. It is unknown to what games should it act exactly, but Sony confirmed at least Death Stranding , God of War , Marvel’s Spider-Man , Mortal Combat 11 * *, Spider-Man: Miles Morales , and Return. ** Last is available exclusively for the PlayStation 5.

Like the official site of PS-Now, Sony’s current streaming service, reveals, players with an active PS-Now subscription will upgrade to the new PS-Plus Extra. It is therefore likely that users also get access to all titles currently available under PS-NOW. These include games like the popular Bloodborne and Crysis Remastered , and the new Shadow Warrior 3 can be played with the cloud gaming technology from Sony:

_ “PlayStation Now is changing soon and is merged with PlayStation Plus. If you buy PlayStation Now and completed a subscription at the time of changing the service, you will be switched to a new PlayStation Plus membership plan and continue to have access to the same benefits of PlayStation Now. “_

With the new PlayStation Plus, Sony wants to clearly offer a similar service as Microsoft’s Game Pass. This allows users to play new titles directly for publication without additional surcharge. Whether Sony wants to follow here, and titles like God of War Ragnarök will offer directly to the publication, you will learn on the next page.

New PS Plus Extra & Premium: Classic Games, PS5 Downloads, Pricing Details, Launching June 2022
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