1. FC Nürnberg: Klauß bites his tongue at the last moment

Full force ahead of the personnel situation in the FIFE FIVE GLOBS 1. FCN is congruent with the game on Sunday in Heidenheim (13.30 pm) congruent with the past weeks – namely. The quintet from the squad, for which the fible break was none, has returned safely, with which coach Robert Klauss and his staff standing as last prior to choice for them.

Möller Daehli and Krauss got extra day break

Devon Toews bloodied after getting elbowed by Elias Lindholm

But initially back to the “international”: On Thursday, the freshly baked U-21 international Kilian Fischer, Erik Shuranov (also U 21) and Jens Castrop (U 19) got back into the team training, tags on Mats Möller Daehli (Norway) And Tom Krauß (U 21). The two latter got, because twice in use, a day more break prescribed, load control was retrieved as a keyword. “Everyone make a faded, fresh impression,” says Klauts.

What that means for the lineup? The fact that Castrop runs from the beginning, the FCN coach at least reveals, but at the U 19 in the regional league. In the other four, he shells in silence, with two things clear. Sturmtalent Shuranov will take place as a joker on the bench, taking Möller Dehli his regular place in the offensive. It’s going to be more exciting at Fischer, after lasting twice before the captain Enrico Valentini, though he could have played again.

If I had continued, I would have given the Heidenheim clues.

Robert Klauß

Even more exciting is Krauss – unlike the question of whether to defend the right rear Valentini or fishermen, he probably does not run out of a one-to-one swap, but when he begins to change the last one So successfully practiced 4-2-3-1. On this topic, the FCN coach at the PK almost slightly slipped something, at least he already sat down before he suddenly paused who started starting to attach to smile that he would rather say nothing. “If I had continued, I would have given the Heidenheim clues – and of course I do not want that,” he added.

Test against Frankfurt No general rehearsal

Well, to have betrayed almost something, in this case could be a handful indication that, with a view to the highly appreciated opponent from the Ostalb, for the first time after five games will change its system again. During the next country break, he had the variant with a threesome chain and a double six in the test against Eintracht Frankfurt in the test against Eintracht Frankfurt, which in turn worked better after initial problems. A hot track so? Rather not, that game was a form of continuing education in which a mix of professionals and talents were used. In short, no dress rehearsal for the competition in Heidenheim.

Same tactics like against Dusseldorf?

What is conceivable: that clauses to the tactics gave back to the end of January in Dusseldorf a 1-0 victory, which was ultimately sovereign when the short result suggests. Since he had a defensive threesome row before the four-chain, which with ball possession variably supported a threesome storm series and made in a composite for many dangerous switching moments. At that time Krausice, Fabian Nürnberger and Lino Tempelmann said chain – exactly in this occupation could come to the repetition on Sunday, in response to the expected force of the Heidenheimer in their sold-out stadium.

What out of all “could” happen on Sunday, Klauß, by the way, then “betrayed” – there will be a very intense game with many, many two fights in front of a heated backdrop. “And we look forward to that,” says Klauts. All things about the 1st FCH white…