“Age of Empires IV” Update “Festival of Ages” More information released-Content Editor and New Season Appearance

Xbox Game Studios explains the contents on the official site for the RTS series “ AGE of Empires IV ” to work the Relic Entertainment and World’s EDGE for the official site for “Festival of Ages” and trailer together Thank you.

The “Content Editor” (Beta version) that appears in this update is a feature that allows the player to be able to decide the place style freely, and the trailer is partially broadcasted. In addition, TWITCH, where development teams participate, describe specific features and tips for MOD production. In addition, we plan to explain the content editor by the development team in the future.

And, a new “season” will appear. This is prepared for new content and rewards for each period, and players aim to unlock. “Season” has a battle that results in rewards by clearing a 1-to-one rank match or game task, and what challenge and rewards are announced soon.

Finally, this update will be able to change a number of changes such as global build queue and hotkeys improvement. The release notes summarized these are scheduled to be delivered at the time of update. In addition to these, the new challenge “Advanced Combat Art of War” and the new map “Megarandom” is added.

“Festival of Ages” will be delivered at the end of next week.