Halo Infinite: 343 Industries reacts to feedback from the fans

343 Industries has not only proclaimed that one is aware that the halo fans slowly burst the collar and it takes too long until new content is delivered, but also has a lot of feedback.

343 Industries proclaimed: “Since the release of Halo Infinite, we look great for the feedback of the community, respond promptly to what we can communicate in, Closer look ‘blogs, what we are working and putting internally priorities for future content and features based on the feedback of the players. “

“Similar to our earnings reports during the Technical Previews of Halo Infinite, where we communicated the insights from each test, we wanted to present the previously preserved feedback transparent and give the team’s answers to the topics emerging in the community.”

“In order not to awaken too much expectations, you should remember that this does not mean that all upcoming work we have planned for Halo Infinite are covered here – and there are no specific schedules for each point. However, it will cover many of the general feedback areas that were addressed online and discussed online, with focus on what comes in season 2. “

“We will report more about the exact schedule of the features and content in the future. As Joseph has already mentioned the beginning of the month, the team also actively helps to publish corrections, functions and updates during our seasons. “

Here only stitch-specific, which improvements in Halo Infinite are in planning due to the feedback of the players. Halo fans should in any case read the blog post.


  • The ability to hear the recharge of the opposing shield is reduced to prevent too much information about the player’s location from being transmitted.
  • The volume of the sound effect of the Grunt birthday party is increased in the campaign.



  • Catalyst (new arena card) is added to several playlists on the first day
  • King of the Hill is added to several playlists
  • Attrition is added to several playlists
  • In the attrition, a revived player will be able to move immediately after the spawn
  • The Motion Tracker (Radar) is activated for shooting and sprinting in social playlists the detection of the outer edge.

Big team fight

  • Breaker (new BTB card) is added to matchmaking on the first day
  • Jeff Steitzer’s voice returns to proclaim from players earned medals
  • The problem of asymmetric spawn of weapon stands has been fixed


  • Instead of pursuing the entire session of a player, the CSR progress bar now displays the progress of the last match
  • Custom Games & Forge
  • Some bugs in the Custom Game were fixed, more will follow
  • Personal Ki & Spartan Chatter

  • Balance adjustments have been made to emphasize what is most important to the players


  • Noticeable stability improvements; The team has fixed dozens of PC crashes


  • Near fights should be more consistent because the opponents are less striking when a melee attack would have to be carried out


  • Global reduction in melee damage by 10% for all weapons will cause the manger to need two shots and a beatdown to achieve a kill.
    The (uncharged) basic shot of the robber will receive a loss increase.
  • Detection of friend or enemy (IFF) (players of players)
  • This system now has options that allow players to change the opacity and thickness according to their preferences.

343i Responds to Feedback and Issues | Halo Infinite


  • The performance of the fall wall is slightly increased
  • Over-picture offers a little more shielding


  • The collision damage of helicopters (splatter) has been increased so that the vehicles can be evenly shattered.
  • The agility and damage emissions of the Banshee are increased to improve their role as a fighter aircraft
  • Warthog and Razorback should be more resilient against tipping over and bouncing