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LOL: The voice chat as a solution to toxicity? This player believes yes, and you will also earn more

Those who have already taken too many years playing League of Legends, we remember how complicated it was to implement a voice chat in the game. The controversy with CURSE VOICE eliminated the possibility of enjoying this tool in the first years of the game, but at the end it fell by its own weight. For some seasons we already have a voice chat, although only for friends within the group .

The power of services as Discord may have stopped playing with voice chat for games with friends, as well as the non-habit of communicating by voice in League of Legends (unlike Valorant, for example). But this does not stop being a feeling, and it takes a look at the numbers. What would happen if we invite the unknown companions to our discord?

A statesman’s job

That is why the testimony of Mr. , user of the subnetdit of League of Legends, which has made a small study of this service is interesting. He invited the colleagues to the colleagues every game and scored his experience with LOL’s voice chat during 229 games of the game. Specifically, it was only diamond 2 to Master Singers, one of the highest of the video game. For in that sample, a total of 325 players chatted with it using this tool, for a total of 40% of the games.

With that big sample, he began to launch several interesting statistics. As is obvious, English is the dominant language in this experiment, with only 4 occasions in which He could speak in his native Finnish and another 6 in which people spoke in another among them. Although perhaps the most relevant data is that he had 53% victory, 3% more than him winrate of the season.

A secret to earn more?

According to him, this is natural, since there are a total of 4 factors that improve performance by playing with voice chat: _ “Improvements when making calls, in fights and macro, improvements at the time of tracking Jungle, the possibility of taking colleagues from TILT and commenting on the starting plan or PowerSpiks “_.

Voicechat in League of Legends

One of the topics that has to come to light when talking about voice chat in League of Legends is toxicity. But what Mrpraison tells is just the opposite of what many would take, since he he considers that there has been less toxicity . For him, there are these factors: _ “Talking to someone humanizes you and it makes you less toxic, there are fewer communication errors and less tilte, as well as toxic people usually go out less by voice chat” _.

Will Riot put Riot put the voice chat in League of Legends identically to Valorant, or would he have problems like in that title? Only time will tell us the answer.