Wow: just under 4 billion gold! So much gave the guilds in the Race to World First

The Race to World First in the WoW-RAID Mausoleum of the first was particularly expensive for the professional guilds through helping hands with Split Runs and the purchase of Boes (non-soul-bound random drops from the RAID). Liquid has already betrayed shortly after the victory over the Chairman in mythical mode that over 700 million gold were spent, and now over 500 million gold need to be able to recreate through champion’s boost runs again to pay the debts.

Now the other guilds have betrayed what they have spent in this race. Records were broken again. The Top 6 in the Race to World First gave over four billion gold together!

The Marathon of Esports - Rise of WoW Race To World First

So much gave the World First Guilds in the mausoleum of the first

  • Jitianhong: 1.1 billion gold
  • Liquid: 723 million gold.
  • ECHO: 694 million gold
  • SK PIECES: 679.9 million gold
  • Method: 480 million gold
  • BDGG: 293.5 million gold

Although Jitianhong is at the top here, in the Asian room, a WoW brand also grants more than twice as much gold as US servers. Jitianhong gave 52 percent more gold than Liquid, but in China are “only” $ 32,000, an amount that is slightly lower than the expenses of BDGG, while Liquids 723 million gold with $ 93,000 almost threefold Being!

According to the same conversions, ECHO’s expenses amount to about $ 59,000, from SK Pieces to about $ 57,000, from Method to about $ 41,000 and BDGG to about $ 37,000. Provided the guilds buy all the brav of their gold via WoW brands. In the past ECHO had already admitted to buy gold cheaper illegally via third-party providers . The Gold Community Gallywix has since disappeared from the ground. What do you think of the dizzying gold sums at the Race To World First? Write us in the comments .

Source | Wowhead

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