Incomplete Travel Rule. The virtual asset is based on the system, but the transaction remittance delay

In the process of transactions, the ‘Travel Rule’ has been introduced to prevent funding washing crimes in the process of transactions. In the long term, it is evaluated that the industry has established the foundation that can be seated in the system. However, in the short term, the negative aftermath of the formation, such as ‘cage’ formation, such as limited amount of funding between the exchange, is also observed.

Travelules have been applied since March 25, which requires that when a virtual asset will be transmitted for more than 1 million won. As the government has a basic infrastructure that allows the government to manage the virtual asset market, the discussion of the efficacy law that the virtual asset industry has been urging the virtual asset industry has been very likely to have a large number of cryptographic tax systems The evaluation was exhausted.

Getting Ready for The FATF’s Upcoming Virtual Asset Guidance

However, the transaction between the trading rule is not yet completely deployed. In particular, the market share of the Korean trading support exchange is expected to be more than the market share, and the rest of the rest of the Bits and the rest of the coin, This is also a critical gaze that gave birth to a result of inhibiting fair competition between companies.

■ Financial Consumer Protector Operation… Estimation of elasticity of discussion law

The expectation effect on Travelules is considered to be able to prevention and response capacity of virtual assets related to the introduction of the system first.

“Virtual assets were vulnerable in terms of response,” If the virtual asset was anonymous because of the anonymity, “Virtual assets were vulnerable in terms of response because of the anonymity,” and “Because of the introduction of traders, financial consumer protection is also enhanced In addition to prevention of occurrence, fraud, hacking damage, it is not only to prevent the damage. “

There is also an analysis that the discussion will be actively discussed professionally to professionally dealing with virtual assets industry. Travelules were introduced by the amended specific financial information law. However, the revised Fund law is expected to be solidified as the 2019 International Fund Laundry Organization (FATF) imposes compliance obligations on virtual assets for the Member States and will impose financial sanctions to countries that do not properly implement. The side is darker.

FATF Consumer protection system that complies with recommendations is equipped, and it is an analysis that the discussion discussion discussions that deal with legislation for industrial promotions can be advanced.

In terms of preparation for virtual asset taxation, the evaluation of meaningful institutions came out.

Originally, virtual asset taxation date was scheduled for January 1 this year. However, as the public opinion was formed in the National Assembly, the public opinion was formed to be less prepared for virtual assets.

“As a result of” Travelules, a basic infrastructure that is available as a process to process, “said President of the State Heat Invitation,” the virtual assets, which were classified as other income, ” did.

■ “Travel Rule, Needless to Need VS Unnecessary” Neurel Bee is a Consumer Uncomfortable

As Travelul is implemented, a virtual asset exchange, a virtual asset exchange that supports the current Korean won, the transfer between the cobbom, the coarea, and the cobust is interrupted. The Travel Rule Solution of the Travel Rule Solution, the Travel Rule Solution, the Travel Rule Solution, and the Coordinarity Code of the Coordinated Code, and the Travel Rule Solution of the CODE Membership, and the Travel Rule Solution of the CODE Membership Compulsory Solution.

Both sides have been discussing solutions since last February, but we concluded that the Code solution, which applies the block chain, and the interworking between the Berry Fairbasf, which was not a technically difficult. Because the Code side is currently being developed, and it is currently being implemented as a Travel Rule solution that does not apply a block chain and links to Verify Barriers. In this process, CODE members have also been adopted block chain-based solutions, and when we have to adopt a non-blocked solution, and when the comments are accepted and the solutions between the member companies were not completed,

Travel Rule Solutions interlocking between CODE members is expected to be supported on the 9th, and the interworking between Verifaisv and Code solutions will be supported on the 25th.

Solutions The discussion of the work is that the discussion is not done earlier, surrounding the Neuro 256 and Code side, surrounding the necessity of using the block chain. Lambda 256 argued that he has a possibility of performance degradation and personal information leakage. On the other hand, CODE has not been able to apply this problem even if the block chain is applied.

Because the transfer of the exchange is blocked, the voices that ‘cage pumping’ is highly concerned. This means that the encryption incubation is derive in a limited environment in a limited environment. If the transaction between the future exchanges is normal, it is a part that can be concerned with investor damage as large as a temporary increase in quotation.

In addition, the Code side argues that the amount of use of the limited current situation is more accelerated by the user’s influence towards the upspeak, which has an overwhelming market share of 80%.

An official of the CODE member has diagnosed with a situation that the phenomenon of the transaction is temporarily occurring toward the Berry Fabasf member, such as “uploads.”

The official said, “We have continued to be announced on the authorities in the authorities, and have been prepared for the makers, and the solution is not yet completed, so it has not been completed, and it is a reflection that has not been completed.” I was trying to normalize. “

Other officials said, “The current situation that is not interlocked with the trading rule solution is not that a particular operator can lead to the loss of the exchange users,” and “I want to have a solution to the solution” I said.