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Gyeonggi Province also recruits participating businesses (“Commercialization support” in 2022 (“commercialization support” in 2022.

Commercialization support is a business that supports 25 projects and supports direct entry into overseas game market for about seven months. A total of 650 million won is a marketing, 10 marketing, and recruitment of support fields by 15 translations.

This year, we have established the translation field to solve the problems that the game mall particle size of the foreign user has fallen due to a linguistic representation of foreign entry games unnatural or culturally.

Selected as a translation field ▲ Text translation ▲ Translation language Quality test (LQA) ▲ Local optimization technical support is supported. I aim to rebound my text in the game. Marketing fields provide local optimization technical support ▲ and marketing applications, providing local optimization technical support, and companies can receive customized support as needed.

Commercialization support is that if it is a game developer in the Gyeonggi Province, a game developer in Gyeonggi Province can support any1. However, ‘the launch is in the game’ or ‘domestic service, and preparing to advance to the overseas market.’ Currently, you can support the game that is currently being overseas service.

Gyeonggi-do Province,
Marketing fields are made up to 18, translations are recruited through the Global Global Global Games Center homepage until 15:00 on the 21st, and are not duplicate applications of the same project.

“Commercialization support is a business that supports marketing and translations of small-sized game companies that wish to advance to global marketing.” I want to participate in many companies. “