Metabus Developer Chemini Bus, Civil Materials, Goose Jing

The Metropolitan Developer of the Metropolitan Bus (Multi-circle, representative duties) announced that he held the board of directors, and the Development of Nexon ‘Maple Story’ Development General.

As a result, the Kwon Yi Bus is launched in a single representative of a dedicated agent, a dollar, and each of the Gaechejun, Plan.

The director of the Republic of Korea, after graduating from the Seoul National University, he was a member of the Maple Story in Nexon, and he was evaluated as a majority in the Maple Story, such as establishing the top simultaneous users of the PC online game, and joining the Maple story, did.

The Caemon Bus is expected to develop the business, and the representative of the civilian material is the general and the representative of the Gaechung Joon, and it is expected to help strengthen the development of expertise and company competitiveness.

Tangmo update 7-4-2022
The cemorays representative of the culmination is based on CCR and Nexon’s domestic representative game companies, and the circle of VR (virtual reality) games and metabuses in 2011, are a member of the Multuser (Currently, Circular Bus), and serve as a representative. He also has his chairman and a group of people in the Gay J. M Games Co., Ltd.

The two representatives have deducted Nexon Korea to start. The representative of the culbs, Meet the 2005, which was served in Nexon Korea, Maple Story and Mabinogi, etc.

“The Kosun Bus will focus on the development of a true meaning of the real meaning that can affect real life. In order to realize this, the ability of the game industry’s talented veteran developers and various industry’s abilities joined” I would like to show you a metaverse project that will show a metaverse project that has a variety of areas, including games, education, and enterprises, including games. “

The representative of the cimbean said, “The Creator of the Chui Bus is a company that has proven development and the best business of domestic business development,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Bus is a comprehensive metabus company that has been launched by the Moment of VR Developer in Korea and the first graphics studio spring bus in Korea. So far, we have 10 services experience in 200 stations in 10 countries around the world. Zeppeto, Gether Town, etc., such as domestic and overseas marketing meta bus platforms, we are conducting a metabus-based advertisement type business that provides companies that hope for marketing businesses. 100% subsidiary game developer We are preparing ‘Champions Arena’ through Unifflow. As a collaborative client, we are with Global Companies, including Square Enix and Netsiz. As of April 2022, about 300 professional personnel reside and working.