“Overtch” player that simultaneously recovering & strengthening Motilli with motor drive!

Overseas TWITCH Ambassador Eviltoaster’s strange Mercy, encountered while playing Team Action Shooter “ Overwatch “.

Mercy is a support hero that can recover or strengthen his fellow heroes, but Mercy, encountered by Eviltoaster, was running almost simultaneously.

I asked that Eviltoaster asked the player, and he revealed that he assigned a switching operation to the mouse wheel and rotating it with a motor. In the above video, Eviltoaster, who saw the actual photographs, is a big laugh at a force that is more than the imagination.

Overseas Media PC Gamer is successful and interviewed with players using motor drive Mercy and DRACO. He heard several things to get in touch.

  • Recovery volume is usually 80 to 90% of operation.

  • The benefits of damage reinforcement depend on the hero, and the higher the continuous expansion as Winston and Zaria.

  • Motor mice are used only when the team can play at a combination of a particular hero and Mercy.

  • I do not think that the motor mouse raised the rank (DRACO rank is diamond). The team is sparkling at the time of a particular hero.

  • Using a joke during the game or enjoying fun. Everybody’s reaction is interesting. When I really do my best, I use other support heroes and choose the best one for the team.

  • I came up with Motor Mouse to begin with the basics of engineering and work.

  • At first I tried to incorporate it in the mouse, but I would appreciate that engineering knowledge and 3D printer are required.

  • There was no experience that made something so far, and in the future I wanted to be an electrician and an engineer.

  • I am satisfied with the finished things.

There are some hardware cheats and gray parts, but the idea is very interesting. There is also an old gamer who remembered a ruler continuous fire in the “Hyper Olympics” and “Swatch”?