Have a nice death – as Hades and Ori had a beautiful child

Studio: Magic Design Studios Release: 08. March 2022 (Early Access) Platforms: PC (Steam), Consoles Consequences Genre: Action Roguelike

In the new Roguelike Have a Nice Death, death originally had great plans. The coat on the hook, the scythe in the corner and many employees who do their own work. So about the Sensenmann has imagined when he has the Death Inc. founded.

Unfortunately, this is not quite as good if it is mass-died, which turns out of his own staff and chokes themselves in the annoying paperwork. Only one helps: death must go back to the store to bring the store to the front man. We looked at the Early Access on Steam more closely and were well reminded of titles like Hades and the two ori games.

That’s why it’s in Have a Nice Death

We accomplish this on the one hand with the help of our primary weapon, the scythe. With this we beat ourselves through the chic 2D level of the company building. In addition, we can find different gadgets in each run and equip up to two of them. So we can e.g. Feuerballs in the ranging spin, or a oversized, healing sword swing.

How that looks in practice looks here:

We also find powerups that enhance our lifestyle and manal bar and special bonuses, e.g. increase our melee damage. Some of them also have disadvantages, such as the permanent reduction of our mana. That forces us to watch exactly when choosing.

We will lose all these luplications in a genre-typical after every screen death. Only the currency can be kept beyond the death. With gold bars we can unlock stronger gadgets at a dealer who is waiting for a run on us, which we can then find in future runs.


Struggles Rewards LevelSelection Shop


This is urgently needed if we want to progress ahead, because the individual levels as well as intermediate and area bosses have it quite in them. It does not take long until we are forced to combine all our skills, bounce and dash flink to successfully cling us through the company.

What do HAVE A Nice Death does so special?

The combat system plays very fluently, challenges us from the beginning and makes so much fun. The gadgets ensure the necessary variety and invite you to tackle new passages slightly differently.

However, what has a nice death lifts from many other games is the stylish comic look that stands out with its cute characters including great animations directly. Funny minor characters, a funny, dry humor and a matching soundtrack complete the whole thing.

For whom has Have a nice death suitable?

If you have fun with playing like Dead Cells or Hades and generally no problem with Roguelike mechanics and a crisp level of difficulty, you should have a nice a nice Death.

If you have a PC with Steam you can do that since March 8th and have fun with the Early Access version. This offers content for many hours already.

Alternatively, you can wait for the final release, which should take place in about a year. Then you can also play on the console of your choice because developer Magic Design Studio has now confirmed, you want to bring the game to other platforms.

Conclusion of the editors

Kevin Itzinger
@ Aldred138

Already since the announcement I have Have a nice death on my Most Wanted list, because the fun look and the game principle push a lot of buttons with me. I was not disappointed, because I get basically exactly what I wanted here:

Challenging fights, cool gadgets and a protagonist to the deadlache (sorry!). To do this, the successful, funny presentation, which woke up with me after the intro the desire for a movie to the game.

The random-generated levels could clearly tolerate even more variety and the distribution of the loose does not always feel satisfactory. Every now and then I reject several times on the same gadgets in the same run, while other important items like Powerups fail.

But if Magic Design is still working on balancing and brings with new biodes and gadgets even more visual and playful diversity into the game, we expect us at the latest for the final release a new roguelike hit of the extra class.

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