Spring offers have come to Xbox

If you no longer know what to play and walk in search of a title to enjoy in the coming days, then this news will interest you. It happens that currently, spring offers have reached Microsoft Store of Mexico , and thanks to this you will find very good games of xbox at prices that you simply do not miss. Here we leave you some of the most relevant rebates.

– Assassin’s Creed Mythology Pack – Pass from $ 3,84 MXN to $ 955.20 MXN

– Batman: Arkham Collection – Pass from $ 1,547 MXN to $ 232.14 MXN

– Bioshock: The Collection – Pass from $ 1,207 MXN to $ 241.59 MXN

– Call of Duty: Vanguard Definitive Edition – Pass from $ 2,99 MXN to $ 1,609.30 MXN

– Borderlands Legendary Collection – Pass from $ 1,249 MXN to $ 499.90 MXN

– Dishonored & Prey: The Arkane Collection – Spending $ 1,599 MXN to $ 799.50 MXN

– Doom Eternal: Year One Pass – Pass from $ 499 MXN to $ 249.50 MXN

Batman Arkham Collection Won't Include Arkham Origins
– Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate Edition – Pass from $ 1,599 MXN to $ 1,199.25 MXN

– Tales of Arise – go from $ 1,299 MXN to $ 909.30 MXN

There are many more games with discount, so be sure to visit the Microsoft Store from your region to know them. You will have until April 21 to take advantage of any of these offers, so do not think too much.

Editor’s Note: Microsoft certainly started April with everything, as well as revealing the titles that will be arriving at Game Pass this month, now they also have a new batch of offers that users will definitely appreciate. Sadly, we still do not know what to expect for the rest of the year as to launches of X | s series.