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“Melty Blood: Type Lumina” DLC 2nd edition is free delivery on April 14. Cathedral Church priests agency Mario and fully armed ciel appeared

Project Lumina announced the latest information on April 10, “Melty Blood: Type Lumina “. Additional DLC second edition is delivered on April 14. As a new playable character, complete armed Ciel and Mario Jalo Vestino (hereinafter referred to as Mario) appear. As of October 2021, 4 character additions have been announced, but they will be addressed by this information.

“Melty Blood: Type Lumina” is a new work of the 2D battlefight game series “Melty Blood”, which has been drawn based on the world view of Tsukihime. In this work, the base changes to “Tsukihime” remake version “Tsukihime -a Piece of BLUE GLASS MOON-“. In line with the leisure of the view of the world, the battle system and visual are also renewed, and a new battle is drawn as the stage of the city. As a battle system, it is equipped with a rapid boating system that connects with a continuous hit, and a powerful munmill of offsetting judgment. A story for each character written by the original author Nasuko is also available.

Complete Armed Ciell is a Ciel that always excites the Holy Prime Sales of the 1000 Classes. Conceptual disassembly for heresy ‘s segment disassembled and armed as individual deaths. We use a lot of armedness that symbolizes burnt / hemorrhage / collision death, and strengthens the strength by magic. In the former “Moonhime” and “Melty Blood” series, the seventh Seven Segment was a pile bunker type conceptual dress for the crisis of reincarnations. This work has made an armed, such as a pile bunker, such as a gun and a large sword, and an armed crawling, such as a gun and a large sword, is also available. In the story, another possible story in an important scene of the main story is drawn.

Complete Armed Ciell as a Playable Character is a power type character that attacks the other party with an armed and a truck by a trap by magic. As her control skills, “seventh scripture, bleeding”, “seventh scripture, bleeding”, which attacks a wide range and attacking a wide range, “seventh scripture and burnout” that controls the enemy with bullets, and the ground C and air C and air C There is. Furthermore, in the browback edge version “Seventh scripture, bleeding”, the middle part attribute and the blowback edge version 2c can attack a guardable attribute. By shaking the guard of the opponent who has been fixed, it is said that it will advance the battle.

In addition, “Blade III”, “Blade III” of “seventh Scripture, Bleeding and Bleeding”, “Blade III”, “Blade III”, has been given, and it is possible to attack a forceful attack. As a technique, “shaft launcher” that is unbelievable in the B and EX versions and the “Several secret, lightning” after the Blowback Edge version guards. It is said that a diverse attack of the seventh script can be developed by the diverse attack of the seventh Seventh script, such as a non-guard attack or an attack with super armor. The arc drive is the “seventh scripture and four factors” that buried the other party with four deaths. Last arc is a large sorcery “principle-Shop Calvaria Gargaline”.

Mariou is a young priest of the Cathedral Church. He has no motivated person, incompetent, but there is a painful one-sided, but the person with a strong sense of nature. He handles two people from the power that handles the two people, such as battle style that manipulates the sister by keyboard loom (piano machine), and the power to arrange eyes and applicants. It is a character that appeared in “Moonhime -a Piece of Blue Glass Moon-“, and this time appeared in the “Melty Blood” series. In the story, a managerial course in Saya City is drawn.

Mario as a playable character is a technical speed character that combines a Sister with a keyboard and its quick body art. Within his special move, “Fellowche” will make a wide range of attacks in the lateral direction to the sister who follows its own side. Sisters are invincible until just before attacking, so they have sexuality to beat the opponent’s attack. In the EX version, Marrio will be connected to the combo even if the Sister will automatically chase at the time of hitting.

He also causes the sister to call in the “Dance Collente” to throw a close attack or weapon. Summon a sister in front of you in “Dance, Polones”, and fight back against the opponent’s attack. By the technique of summoning these sisters, it is possible to attack a prostatic attack in long distance war. Mariou’s own technique also has a technique that goes behind the other party after the guard, and it can also be a wavy attack that combines the sister’s attack.

On the other hand, if it is attacked, it will rely on the basic system. Attacks while taking a distance in high jumps and back steps while using a counterattack by checking and quick anti-aircraft techniques, a counterattack by “dance and polonays”. Last arc is “human use” that manipulates a large number of sisters. Arc drives are “doll use” that manipulates and attacks Noel, and it is likely to have comic behavior and voices of the manipulated Noel.

As a stage in the second DLC, as a stage, the “critical battle area” and the rooftop image of the rooftop image appeared. Color variations and color barets have been added in five types, and new colors and color customization characters can be operated. On April 14, a round-consisted Ciel and Mario’s round call voice will also be started for sale. The price is 330 yen for each tax.

“Melty Blood: Type Mina” is being delivered for PlayStation 4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam). The second DLC will be delivered for free delivery at 15:00 on April 14 at Japan time. Complete armed Ciel and Marioh, two new stages of playable characters are recorded.

[Powered Ciel] Battle Preview

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