Tiny Tinas Wonderlands, Fentemmelery Dice Locations

Discover all the locations of the cubes and scrolls of Fentmmetle in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. They are very important to increase your chance to acquire legendary weapons!

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands dice slots

To be as efficient as possible in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands We have made for you a complete card of the Fentmmetle with the very visible locations. A number associated with them so that you can discover in detail below in the article how to get them easily.

All dice positions

1 A first die

Very quickly after the entrance of the area you will find an easily visible dice right in height.

2 The village die

This die is in the small corner of a house, it is easy to access.

3 die from the wooden terrace

This die is behind a wooden house on a terrace.


This die is not very well hidden behind 3 wooden crates.

5 the boss die

To reach the dealer platform you have to kill the boss of the area.

6 a second deck

Also very easily visible, this die is on a wooden terrace of a house in height.

7 accessible platforms

This die and the platforms that allow access to it are easily visible.

8 behind a house

This die is not very well hidden as long as you know its location.

9 A height platform

This die is visible from a distance on a platform in height. To access it simply climb a few small platforms next door.

10 the house of the house

It is not possible to miss this die in the house you can reach during a secondary quest.

11 A complex route

Find the passage from the image right to reach this die. Once upstairs jumping balcony balcony on your right.

12 invisible wall

At the bottom of a staircase on all right to the left of where you enter the castle is an invisible wall.

To open it, use your body to body.

13 Passage of stained glass

Beyond, go through a broken stained glass to find a die in the fireplace.

14 on the path in height

This die is in height in an area with many monsters which makes it easy to miss.

15 Watch out to the wind wall

This die is not complex to find, however be attentive to the wind that pushes you in the void.

16 Second invisible wall

To reach this dice just put a body with body on the wall.

To find it more easily, it shines slightly.

17 a big jump

To reach this die, take the stairs to climb on the first floor and then jump on the other side through the room.

18 secret passage of the painting

This die is on the other side of the painting, cross it to be teleported in another room.

19 an easy access

This die is not complex to find if you know where to look.

20 the dice of the tower

To reach the zone of this die, it is necessary to jump on the fungus platform available on the “wrapped path” of the broken lighthouse.

21 the secret de-home

To reach this die you have to speak to the NPC “Zoseph”. This one opens a portal inside the house where the evidence is located.

All Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Fentmmetle Scrolls

1 An easy access parchment

This parchment is simple to flush out from the entrance to the area.

2 parchment of the slide

To reach this parchment, jump during your slide to reach the platform on the image.

3 parchment of the boss

The parchment platform is available after you killed the boss in the area.

4 parchment of the pontoon

This parchment is not very easy to get flushed if you know where to look for it.

5 staircase on the right of the castle

Just like the number 12 of the invisible wall, take the staircase in parallel with it to reach this parchment.

6 parchment of the garden

At the bottom of the castle is a small opening overlooking a garden where this parchment is located.

location of pearls and other interest points of Fentmmeté

1 pearl at the secret portal

The portal to reach this pearl is below near its position.

1 wind pearl

This pearl is very easily accessible, be careful, however, to the wind that repels you in the void.

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - All 260 Lucky Dice Locations - Campaign Challenge

Obelisk of the area

With a dedicated area, this obelisk is very easy to find.

Challenge of the 3 Scrolls

From the beginning of the area you will easily find the altar of the challenge.

Activate it brings up platforms that you will have to find in a time allowed on pain of having to start all over again.

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