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Boreal Tenebrae: Interactive trailer dives down in a scary world

The Boreal Tenebrae inspired by PlayStation 1 classics takes you to an incredible adventure in retro style from this Friday, which is additionally provided with a mysterious atmosphere and horror elements.

On the occasion of the upcoming publication, the publisher has prepared something special: a 360 ° / VR story trailer exploring the scary world that will expect you in the game.


solves the puzzle

You play as several characters, everyone with their own story, and travels to real places in the city and dark versions of them.
In this nightmare you have to enlighten the murder, looking for your missing sister Sarah and finish the mysterious ritual to save the dying city. Will you succeed in ventilating all dark secrets of Boreal Tenebrae?

is looking for Sarah

Explore a sick city where everything is unusual. Strange boxes that emit a hypnotic noise appeared in the city. Some citizens, including Sarah, were absorbed by this mysterious object and never return.

Boreal Tenebrae was nominated at the Canadian Game Awards 2021 in the Best Art Direction and Best Narrative categories.


  • Classic adventure in retro style
  • Horror and Gore elements
  • Story-controlled quests with several characters
  • Solid camera

Here is the interactive 360 degree trailer: