How to solve Tiny Tipoca Tunnels puzzle in LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Walking around the city of Tailor on the fireplaces, you will meet a worker who cannot find a solution to a problem similar to a vending machine with a kaiber brick. It will start tiny tunnels Tailor Mission. We have a solution below.

How to Collect Tiny Tipoca Tunnels Puzzle in LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

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Let the hero, the head hunter, the villain or the garbagers use the hook to break the vent hole to the right of the door. After that, ask Jedi or Sith to put two boxes in front of the ventilation hole, and then let the C-3PO pass through them.

The C-3PO must use the console in this room to control the droid-astromechanics. Let the droid turn face to the door leading to the C-3PO, and destroy the object on the right. Then the droid can use its special ability to open the door. Place the droid on the left of the door to the left.

Finally, move your two characters inside and ask them to stand on the two remaining buttons. Kyber Brick Cage will open, and the puzzle will be solved.

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