Dragon Age: Inquisition: Cross-Gen

In addition to his genre-defining works, the developer studio of Bioware is also known for repeating problems during the development phases of its ambitious projects.

One of these games, which so much fan is likely to come to mind, is the Dragon Age published in 2014: Inquisition.

In a recently guided interview with USA Today, the former Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn now gave some insights into the former development work at Bioware.

According to Flynn, the adaptation of the Frostbite Engine for the role-playing game of a Hercules task, however, has been the bigger problem, however, the cross-gene publication. These have many ambitions of the team nomination:

“I would say the biggest compromise was that we had to publish inquisition for the Xbox 360 and PS3 at the same time as for the PS4 and Xbox One. This has probably so many ambitions because we did not have the team size or time to really differentiate these things. So you had to find almost the smallest common denominator. And when that was clear, that certainly destroyed some expectations and ambitions that we had for certain gameplay features. ”

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“In contrast, CD project did not do that a few months later with The Witcher 3, and I think that’s why your game was better.”