New work for smartphones RPG “Yugudora Resonance” officially decided on April 21! New key visuals are released! -Conduct a countdown video campaign for luxury voice actors-

Nuverse Co., Ltd. has notified that the official service start date “Yugdra Resonance (abbreviated” Ugrezo “)” for a pre-registration accepting acceptance was determined on April 21 (Thu). In addition, new key visuals were released, and campaign implementation and closed beta test reports were released at Twitter.

# About formal service start

Official service start scheduled date: April 21, 2012 (Thu)

[Pre-registration is being accepted!]
You are currently accepting pre-registration in Yugrezo. If you pre-registration or appointing in Google Play in App Store, you can notify your smartphone on the official service start date and you can get a game immediately.

▼ Pre-registration URL
App Store https://yggreso.oneelink.me/iwwj/184f2a23
Google Play https://yggreso.oneelink.me/iwwj/184f2a23

▼ “Yugudora Resonance” Pre-registration site
URL https://yggreso.nvsgames.com/

# New key visual released!

New key visuals produced according to Yuglezo’s game system that the game and real time are synchronized!

Within one key visual, “St. Rose Marie Gakuin” early morning, “Melody Forest” in the afternoon of “Melody Mori”, “Savin Zara Business” at dusk, “Paul Vask” night, each day, each day The time zone is expressed as a camp that appears in the game and the character.

In the game, the same time as the real world is flowing, and you can feel the change of time with the main page.

# Twitter Campaign & Report Released

Ugrezo Official Twitter account, perform two measures:

# # [Closed beta test report released!]

We summarized the closed beta test questionnaire conducted in January 2022 and created a report. It will be released on the Ugrezo Official Twitter account soon.

# # [Twitter Campaign Conduct]

We carry out three campaigns in Yugrezo Official Twitter. Luxurious prizes such as Amazon gift vouchers and Ugrezo original items are hit by lottery!

(1) Pre-registration campaign

Application Period: Implementation-April 20 (Wed) 23:59

Contents: During the period, follow the Yuglezo Official Twitter account and retweet the applicable tweets, a lottery for up to 40 people by lottery.

※ The number of winners will increase up to 40 people according to the number of pre-registrants.

(2) PV released commemorative campaign

Application Period: Implementation-April 20 (Wed) 23:59

Description: During the period, you will follow the Yuglezo Official Twitter account and retweet the tweets, a lot of 5,000 yen for Amazon Gift Certificate 5,000 yen by lottery.

(3) Just before the release! Countdown video

Application Period: April 14 (Thu) 12: 00 to April 28 (Thu) 23:59

Content: For the start of Joglezo’s official service, the countdown video of the luxurious voice actor appearing on Yuglezo daily during the period of April 14 (Thu) -1 April 21 (Thursday), Ugrezo Official Twitter account Release.

In addition, if you follow the Yuglezo Official Twitter account and retweet the countdown video tweets, the original alarm clock is presented with the voice of the character played by the voice actor in three people by lottery.

▼ Yugrezo Official Twitter Account

# “Yugdra Resonance”

This world is your reality and time, the weather is synchronized……… Yugudora resonance is the RPG that uses a new time weathercrosy system that the time and weather of our real world and the fantasy continent “Midgard”.

Why don’t you leave the adventure that is excited with them with girls ‘girls’ girls and mysterious girls “Nornne” and a long story, and a long time, and some of them.

“What time can you meet today?” ——

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