Harry Potter fans discontent with the huge hole in the Fantastic Beasts 3 plot

Fantastic fanals: Dumbledore’s secrets leaves in two days and apparently has a great hole in the plot that fans are not very happy with that. While the new harry potter the film has not yet come out completely, there have been coming reviews for the third entry at the HARRY POTTER Series derived. About rotten tomatoes, the film currently has a 58, a very average score. That said, HARRY POTTER The fans will hope that the film will continue with the growing tendency that critics scores and consumer scores are very far from each other, however, if the predecessor _ fantasticanimals: the crimes of Grindelwald_ is an indicator, this will not be the case, since that movement received terrible scores of both critics and consumers.

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However, before the general public has the opportunity to see the film, there is already discontent around parts of the Harry Potter Fandom on a big hole in the film’s plot. The hole of the plot involves Professor Minerva McGonagall, a fairly important support character in the harry potter movies, where she is interpreted by Maggie Smith. Because _ Fantastic Americans: The secrets of Dumbledore_ takes place before the events of the harry potter movies, the character can not be interpreted by Maggie Smith. Rather, the character is played by the young Fiona Glascott. None of this is a problem, but the character is in the center of the plot hole.

In real life, Fiona Glascott is 39 years old and in the secrets of Dumbledore_, she is of similar age. The problem is that Minerva McGonagall was born in 1935, so she should only be a girl in the movie.

If this hole in the frame sounds familiar, it is because it was a problem in fantastic animals: the crimes of Grindelwald, the predecessor of the film, which takes place in 1927. Minerva McGonagall has not yet been born when that film is developed, but she is in her. The same film has retrospective scenes of the 1910 decade that show the character teaching in Hogwarts. None of that makes sense and, unfortunately, it has not been addressed in the new movie.

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