How to unlock Gatty Amari weapon in Vampire Survivors

Gatti Amari is one of the most unique and bizarre weapons added to Vampire Survivors. Weapons that causes cats from Pentagram, which then continue to randomly attack in any direction, Gatti Amari – crazy weapons. Here is how to unlock it:

To unlock Gatti Amari, you first need to unlock Giovanna Gran . It was found in the coffin in Inlaid Library Second level of the game.

As soon as you unlock Giovanna Gran , start running with her. It will start with Gatti Amari, and be able to use weapons. Survive 15 minutes from Giovanna Grand And you unlock Gatti Amari for all characters.

Gatti Amarri causes cats at the corners of the screens. These cats will run and periodically use the scratching attack on the area (AOE). However, this AOE attack also damage the player.

In addition, the cats caused sometimes will fight with each other. When the cat is located next to another called cat, she has a chance to start a fight, which creates a larger range of Aoe with a big damage.

In addition, Cats from Gatti Amari can consume selected items falling from light sources, such as floor chicken, etc. Below we listed all the effects that cats can get from the selected items:

  • Outdoor chicken Increases the basic chance of their attack claws by 1.1 multiply and base damage by 1.
  • Nadja Fritt Tanto Makes Cat to explode with a fiery ball
  • Little clover makes cat run faster
    Orolon freezes the cat, but not eaten.

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Finally, the likelihood of all these interactions is influenced by luck Stat. The higher the characteristic of the character of the characters, the greater the likelihood that cats will attack enemies, the less likely that they will attack the players, and the higher the likelihood that they will begin the fight and receive negative items.

In general, this is one of the most insane weapons in the game, and its use can be both a blessing and a curse.

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