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The 10 best offers of Amazon Game Equipment and Accessories

Does your controller show signs of age? Maybe this joystick is just a little too loose? Does your keyboard start to lose this satisfying clicking of mechanical keys? So let me be good news! We have gathered the 10 best offers of equipment and gaming accessories available this weekend thanks to Amazon! These will be listed in order of the highest value for you, the player, and as always if you spot something on Amazon.com who did not make our list, be sure to mention it on Facebook, Twitter, Or the Comments section below to spread the word to your comrades and share love. Diving in!

Top 10 equipment and gaming accessories

ten. PALADONE PLAYSTATION ICONS LIGHT – ORIGINAL PRICE: $ 34.99 . Selling price: $ 31.99 ($ 3.00 discount)

A work of functional and cool art. This light represents the classic icons of the facial buttons of the Playstation that not only light up, but can be set to react to the music. It’s cool, it’s unique and it’s pretty.

9. Nintendo Switch Hori screen protector – original price: $ 9.99 . Selling price: $ 4.99 ($ 5.00 discount)

The screen protectors are often the most important thing we forget about the switch, but do not forget that a small neat touch screen is attached to the console itself, so you will want to protect this with All you have!

8. IdeaShop Vertical cooling fan for Xbox One S with 4 USB ports – Origin price: $ 55.99 . Selling price: $ 42.99 ($ 13.00 discount)

Talk about multitasking! This vertical support for the Xbox One s is doubled with a cooling fan and provides 4 additional USB ports facing forward for external controllers and hard drives.

7. Wireless headset PlayStation Platinum – Originate price: $ 159.99 . Selling price: $ 129.99 ($ 30.00 discount)

The official licensed platinum helmet of Sony, it is elegant, powerful and comfortable. If you spend a lot of time plugged into your game, it might be the helmet for you.

6. Logitech G432 7.1 Surround Sound – Origin price: $ 79.99 . Selling price: $ 49.97 ($ 30.02 discount)

You can not have a list of game accessories without Logitech! The giant accessories is known for a wide range of products and this week, they cut $ 30 on their game helmet to its surround 7.1, designed to be compatible with all platforms.

5. Seagate Xbox One 4 to Game Drive HDD – Origin price: $ 149.99 . Selling price: $ 116.99 ($ 33.00 discount)

Xbox lacks space? This 4TB external hard drive of Seagate removes a good part of the price. With this, you will never have to worry about space again!

4. Logitech G602 Wireless Game Mouse – Origin: $ 79.99 . Selling price: $ 42.00 ($ 37.99 discount)

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Game mice are not only designed to handle extended wear of extended games, but models like this also offer several additional programmable buttons to allow faster responses in the game to give you the advantage.

3. Mechanical Keyboard Corsair K70 RGB – Originally Price: $ 179.99 . Selling price: $ 139.99 ($ 40.00 discount) **

Corsair tends to have a higher price to go with its exceptional quality. As a RGB mechanical keyboard, it is a top quality product and this sale should make it even more tempting to dive if you do not already have a mechanical keyboard for clask.

2. Razer Lancehead Wireless Game Mouse – Origin: $ 119.99 . Selling price: $ 59.99 ($ 60.00 discount)

Razer is most likely the main competitor of Logitech in game accessories, and its products like this RGB wireless game mouse that keeps the spirit of burning competition. With programmable buttons and RGB features, this allows you to benefit from a 50% discount, which is only a flight.

1. Game Keyboard Razer Huntsman RGB – Originally Price: $ 149.99 . Selling price: $ 89.99 ($ 60.00 discount)

Razer often makes our sales lists of accessories, but it rarely holds the place for the two best offers of the same week! What we have here is $ 60 discount on your own RGB game keyboard. If the corsair indicated above is just a little outside of your price range, so do not worry, this one will do the job very well and will always help you take over in all your game needs on PC.

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