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Battle Ground Mobile, Domestic Top Competition PMPS 2022 Spring 15 Days Opening

The Kraffe Ton (representative Kim Chang-ha) said that the Battleground Mobile Pro Series 2022 Spring (Pubg 2022 Spring), which is the Battleground Mobile Pro Series 2022 Spring (PMPS 2022 Spring), which is the top-level pro competition in Korea.

The PMPS 2022 Spring, which is 6 weeks, starting for the opening of the opening before the opening of the opening. It consists of a total of 2 seasons and one final, and a total prize money of about 150 million won and the future global battle ground mobile ispo.

‘PMPS 2022 Spring’ ‘PMPS 2022 Season 1 (Season 1)’ is held on April 15 (Friday). It will proceed on every Friday and Saturday every three weeks, and a total of 30 matches will take place a day. Season 1’s property is 25 million won, and the team that the most accumulated points to the 30 matches will win.

As the competition, which covers the best professional team in Korea, the 16 participating team lineup is also gorgeous. In addition to the last two days of the last two days, the amateur tournament ‘Battle Ground Mobile Open Challenge (PUBG Mobile Open Challenge, PMOC) 2022 Phase 1’ In addition to the top 8 teams of the Finals, ▲ Dsgaming (Duksan Gaming), Team Square (Team Square) The top six teams of PMPS will play. This is the past ▲ Battle Ground Mobile Global Championship 2021, which participated in Korea in response to Korea, and the fourth place, and the fourth place, do. The two teams are finalized on the Battle Ground Mobile Isphos Professional Team Support Program, and in addition to the contest seed, they will receive a team operational grant and brand promotion support. All teams participating in Season 1 will be held on May 2 and the Final in May.

Season 1 is a 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games Pub Mobile Korean national team selection, and it is expected that competition will become more competitive. The Pub of Hangzhou Asian Games Mobile Korea’s national team is a player who has excellent skills among Korean players who participated in the Top 4 teams of the Top 4 teams, PMPS and Japan League (PUBG Mobile JAPAN LEAGUE) Selected in the middle. Thus, the Korean E-Sports Association of the Korean E-Sports Association, the last 5 people (4 people, a candidate), which is the most out of the 30 candidates (4, a candidate), which is the most out of the 30 candidates, which are picked up at the KRW of the Korean E-Sports Association, is selected as a national representative.

All matches in Season 1 are planned to be relayed in the African TV Colosseum in the African TV Colosseum, and will be relayed in Battle Ground Mobile and Battle Ground Mobile Isphoto Formula YouTube, Twitter, Naver Sports, Tiktok, and African TV channels.

[EN] 2022 PMPL South Asia Superweekend 3 Day 1 | Spring | Last Road To Grand Finals
PMPs 2022 Spring opened, and various Winner’s events were prepared. The Winner’s event is an event that can acquire the Winner through support attendance events, prediction events, and more. The Winner Corin can be replaced with a dragonfurt girl set, an armor girl set, chicken medal, Royale Pass point, PMPS box, and the like. The PMPS box is only exchanged for the PMPS 2022 spring period, which is conducted by May 22. In the PMPS box, a hamster pajamas set, a pink rabbit set, an ancient Sora parachute, a pink warrior, a parachute, a cute witch, a chicken medal, a chicken medal, a special box exchange pieces, and the like can be obtained.

The PMPS 2022 official terminal is Galaxy S22 Ultra, and Galaxy S22 Ultra is paid by an injury for a player who has excellent grades in the competition.
Galaxy S22 Ultra is paid by an emerging player for athletes who have excellent grades.