The Last Kingdom: 6 Disney + films for the Netflix series fans

The Last Kingdom knew how to mark the hearts of his fans thanks to his twists and his trainer. His final season was a success, so much that the wait for the film really concludes the series may be long. To overcome this, here is a selection of movies available on Disney + likely to please the fans of The Last Kingdom.



Released in 1995, Braveheart plunges us into the 13th century, Scotland. We follow the story of William Wallace embodied by Mel Gibson, who is also the director of the film. William having exiled in Rome following the deaths of his brother and his father, comes back a few years later on his natal lands and wife Murron MacCLANNough. He goes through secret to avoid the right of curacy. After the discovery of the Supervision, she is executed, which triggers William’s armed struggle against King Edward 1st. Rewarded at the Oscars in 1996, Braveheart plunges you in the heart of a dark and violent medieval world loving freedom.

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Exodus: Gods and King

Will There Be ONE More The Last Kingdom Season?

We continue with a movie of the same quenching. Directed by Ridley Scott (Alien: The eighth passenger, Blade Runner, Legends), Exodus: Gods and King Conte The story of two princes, Moses, played by Christian Bale and Ramses, performed by Joel EDGERTON. We are then in ancient Egypt. Moses, learning his belonging to the Hebrew people, is banished from the Empire by Ramses following a prophecy. Guided by God in person, he now aims to guide the Jewish people and to free them from Egyptian yoke.

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the 13th warrior

The 13th warrior is a suitable adventure movie of Michael Crichton’s eaters of the dead. Directed by John McTernan (Predator, Crystal Trap), production was able to see the day in 1999 in our obscure rooms. We find Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan, former poet of the city of Baghdad condemned to exile for seduce the woman of others. Accompanied by a friend of his father, he is embarked by a group of Vikings, then dragging in spite of himself on the Nordic lands to face a threat of the most mysterious.

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MUAN (2020)

Mulan is part of Disney’s classics and legends of the environment’s empire. Originally released in 1996, we find it here in a remake in real views. Made by Niki Caro, the adaptation is directly inspired by the legend of Hua Mulan. Following a decree obliging men from the war, Mulan decides to take part in the fight in the place of his wounded father. Continuing a tedious training pushing it in its retarements, our protagonist takes part in a fantastic adventure that will bring his name into the legend.

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Pathfinder, the blood of the warrior

The revenge films have always attracted great interest among the spectators. Appeared on the big screen in 2007, Pathfinder, the blood of the warrior immerses the heart of a conflict between Vikings and Native Americans. Ghost, abandoned by his Scandinavian colleagues, is raised by a native tribe that he considers his true family. It even becomes growing up one of the most powerful warriors of the tribe. Fifteen years later, the Vikings come back and massacred his new people. Filled with hatred and rage, Ghost will do everything in his power to avenge his adoption people.

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Prince of Persia: the sand sands

Resuming the game of the same name, Prince of Persia: The sand sands invites us in the Persian kingdom. Dastan, Orphan adopted by the King of Persia, is a proud and faithful warrior like his two brothers Tus and Gavis. Having received the order to attack the city of Alamut to rush out a spy, our hero discovers on the scene a mysterious dagger to divine power. Once returned, Dastan is wrongly accused of the king’s assassination, and finds himself forced to flee. Released in 2010, feature film is made by Mike Newell (Harry Potter and Fire Cup). In addition, we find the scenario, Jordan Mechner, the screenwriter of the first game Prince of Persia .

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