Mittelfinger in Boston costs Irving 50 000 dollars

The 30-year-old Point Guard had rely on the fans in Boston in the opening part on Sunday (local time), which the Nets last second 114: 115 lost, and also shown them the middle finger.
He had the fans “the same energy given as they me,” Irving said, who converted his emotions into 39 points.

Kyrie Irving double middle finger to Celtics fans then does crying face ????

“It’s not every fan, I do not want to attack all Boston fans,” Irving said, who has been regularly craving by the Celtics fans since his move to Brooklyn in 2019.
But if fans were ongoing, he could only plug that up to a certain border.
“We are those who are expected to be gentle and humble – shit on it, it’s the playoffs.”

Game two of the series between the Nets and the Celtics is on Wednesday evening (local time).