Blizzard, Hustone Expansion Pack Sailing to Surgery City

Blizzard Entertainment launched the expansion pack of Multi -Platform Card Game Hearthstone on the 13th.

This expansion pack includes 135 new cards with allies with the motifs of the sea and a variety of animals.

What IF Blizzard Entertainment was a Megadungeon - Lower Blizzard HQ
In addition, the legendary minions are summoned together with each job. In addition, using the new keyword salvage, one of the three cards on the floor of the deck can be chosen to raise the top.

The new Azshara card can send a sinking treasure below the deck, so you can enjoy new play by carefully composed of decks.

Mike Ibara Blizzard Entertainment said, “The sailing to the sinking city is expected to receive great response as the first expansion pack of Hydra, with the interpretation of Hearstone’s distinctive interpretation through Warcraft. “I’m very happy to share with the players from today’s experiences that give a variety of art, sea voyage theme keywords, and new minions racial naga.”