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Dragon Ball is super revealed: Piccolo has a cell phone and it is far too sweet for the Namekian

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero evidently turns a lot more to the fan favorite Piccolo than that was the case in the recent manga chapters and anime episodes or films. Very much to the joy of many fans who can experience some new details about the formerly so nasty rogues, who has become the friend of Dragon’s Ball Hero. For example, we now know that Piccolo has not only an extremely cute plush toy in his house, but also the right, at least as well as cute mobile phone cover.

Dragon Ball: Piccolo shows his soft side with cuddly toy and mobile phone case

Piccolos Time to seem? In the coming Dragon Ball Super-Film Super Hero, Piccolo apparently gets the attention again, which he deserves. We should meet the anti-hero also from his tenderer, soft side. Apparently he is great Penko fan. This is a mixture of penguin and cat (Neko is called cat in Japanese).

On the official Dragon Ball page was now betrayed that Piccolo has a smartph1. But not just any, but one with a very crazy case. He has the shape of a Penko and looks so cute that we did not really trust the hard-minded Namekian Piccolo.

That’s what the good piece looks like:

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Actually, the telepathy and telekinese-gifted Piccolo does not necessarily need a smartphone, but we already know. After all, he can send himself so cute photos of the little Pan, on the net on Dragon Ball his own mobile phone cover examine and maybe look after the way or weather. Or check reactions to his power upgrade with new look in the new movie:

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Dragon Ball Super:

Film Trailer Shows New Power Upgrade from Piccolo


How does it come? Of course, there is something more behind the whole thing. Piccolo does not just own this phone case, but also the appropriate Penko cuddly toy. He apparently gave this to Son Gohan and his family, with whom he has eaten a long time for a long time. Therefore, there are Piccolo this plush toy.

How do you find the phone case? Do you find the mix of penguin and cat also so adorable?