[Interview] NCsoft, Encing

NCsoft (Representative Kim Taekjin) has been hidden for the development of game development. Such NC Soft New Game Development General was responsible for interviewing. In addition, NCsoft has released new development culture and organization through interviewing. NCsoft was really reading to pursue changing and changed.

NCsoft is ‘Encing’. ‘NCING’ is NCsoft’s new development culture. Encl is the meaning that NCsoft’s games that are created are making and making them communicate with fans from the development process. NCsoft is changing. In February, Hong Won-joon CFO said, “I want to tell you that NCsoft is trying to look out externally,” he said, “From now on, we will actively accept customer feedback in the development process.” The symbol of the change is ‘Inel’.

‘Village’ is an organization that NCsoft is a newly established year. NCsoft creates IP to use for various media cultures. Kim Taek-jin is an organization that made a variety of ideas against new IPs.

Choi Mun-young, who was a detailed story about new development direction, Yesing, and Village from PDMO, Seo Min-seok Center, and Encyclopedia. In addition, NCsoft was trying to innovate, how to change, and confirmed what to go aim.

NCsoft, development innovation creates a vigorous game ****
Choi, Mun-young PDMO “All new work is meaningful to life”

PDMO’s position is unfamiliar.

Choi Mun-young PDMO = NCsoft is always troubled several ways to manage the projects being developed and to innovate the development process. The position of the innovation is the Principal Development Management Officer, Senior Development Director (PDMO). It is in charge of preparing a variety of new units within the Yen to have competitiveness in the market.

Kim Taek-jin CCO (Chief Creative Officer, Chief Creative Officer, Top Window Decent) presented a big frame of new games, and I will accept the final result. It leads these processes aimed at making it more efficient than the existing organization.

Is the CCO Kim Taek-jin, and the person who first instructed the new work is PDMO?

Choi Mun-young = It is not such a concept. Kim Taek-jin has a tissue called ‘Village’ under CCO. Village is composed of ‘house’ that performs four roles. The house designs a framework of planning, such as a new game’s worldview and character settings, such as settings. When the design is ripening, it is responsible for the actual development project to be taken as a game. Kim Taek-jin focuses on the settings of the game of the game, and it is a concept that I led to completion.

There is also a difference in tissue diagram. Delivery of Kim Taek-jin, CCO, is located in the direct location, and PDMO is a separate organization. As the development flow, the village is upstream, and PDMO is in the configuration. However, it is not as distinguished as a biliary and PDMO. ‘We have designed, you are not a concept called’ make you. ‘ Indeed, I have been in the Village Meeting, and the PDMO’s organization is also available for Village members. It is an organizational configuration for flexibly collaboration while concentrating more and more.

The goal of the PDMO organization is to develop such a new work in user life, including TL (Throne and Liberty). From the beginning of the development, we will listen to the user feedback throughout the first half, reflecting, and raise the trust of NCC and make fandoms. It is my role to build an environment so that it is to be a “ultique game” and recognized it to the user, and the development process itself can be a best practice within the game industry.

Marketing game?

Choi, Mun-young = It is a game that I do not want to follow the other company, I can not follow the game, but I do not know much. The size, which only the yen can make, the content is.

I said the ‘Innovation’ ahead. Why did you feel innovation?

Choi, Mun-young = The speed of our game industry itself is faster, and the goal itself is directed to the global globality. There is also a part that NC is a rudder than competitors in the industry. In addition, there was a necessity of innovation in that we could create better products through our workforce and technologies.

In addition, NCsoft is currently developing next-generation technology such as Big Data and artificial intelligence. It was also reflected in organizational compositions that game development is combined with next-generation technology or to be able to make new synergies.

Recently, I recently said that I will communicate with the user.

Choi, Mun-young = I think it is first to present or disclose at offline events. The essential meaning of the words NC is ‘communication with the user’ is ‘shift left’, that ie, moved to the left to the left and to be together. It is also a willingness to be completely different from the past NC.

There are many ways to communicate. It is an OBT that the user participates, and the game show, the participation of the game is also in one way. The game in the actual development phase is also trying to show everything by continuing through ‘Inel’.

In fact, Yen started a formal service immediately without testing from Lineage M ‘. As a game, he was unreasonable for confidence. How do you think the way the past method is not now?

Choi Mun-young = The game for the last five years was the work that I converted the things that I saw with the PC to the PC. There is also a reason why it was a proven IP. In fact, it was difficult to showcase the user directly because of the circumstances of Corona 19 as it showed mobile games. So I checked the game only with the inner people. It is difficult for each game to be done, but it has not been able to do not dictionary.

As Corona 19th districts are relieved, they are planning to show games directly to the user through a variety of ways as they said earlier. Currently, Yen is making a game of various genres, which is a suitable way depending on the type. It is TL to show off early seals. Thinking right now I think you want to proceed one or two times a test for the user, but you can affect the launch schedule you have done a goal. So I am worried about the best way to do it.

Once, it seems to be tested with 4,500 employees. However, a load test, feedback test for users is very important. So in some way, I am preparing to get a seat in a way.

Could there be a communication other than the game?

Choi, Mun-young = Play open will gradually increase contacts, and others are also expanding. We are preparing various attempts inside. Although they were expressed as ‘confidence’, there was a tendency to have been wrapped in as much as possible in case of conventional release, and if they could not be released later. I’ve been out only when I thought it was certain in the past.

It is not just the game to communicate with 엔 엔 . If you have a way to share only the contents of the game, you will now be disclosed by trying to create a hidden story, a hidden story, which was not known to create a game, and a variety of things that have been developed. It just shows the game first, and it does not only take it on testing.

I personally did a lot of NC, but I heard that the internal hurdles were too high, so I heard it.

Choi, Mun-young = I can not even show me 20% (laugh). Not like that. Now, I will make the game as well as the game as well as the disclosure of multiple content and our worries.

Is NCC to introduce entertainment contents in addition to the game? Animation, novel, webtoon.

Choi Mun-young = The content has been prepared quite a long time. Maybe there will be a good opportunity to have a place to introduce.

** I have prepared a lot of NC and plan to disclose, but many users said, “Do not you know” Lineage Like “?”

Choi Mun-young = From the conclusion, it is not the same. I think that the user’s concern is because I am looking forward to NCsoft. I feel like I am giving the words to the BM (business model). The genre prepared in the inside is very diverse, designing the BM that is right.

And ‘TL’ is officially prepared to reveal BM in the summer. Then you expect the user to be worried if you see it.

Summer TL Business Model Published?

Choi, Mun-young = I will release in the fourth quarter, so I will not disclose the TL business model specifically about the summer? Personally, after the release of TL, there was a feeling that interested in the billing model is only interested in the billing model than interested in the game.

Inside, rather than worrying about TL business models, we are worried about how to deliver a good game to a more fun. I think it would make a really good game, and I think “I thought NCsoft (NCsoft) told me to do this?

Most of which I think Kim Taek-jin thinks is. Kim Taek-jin, CCO, is to spend a lot of time to spend a lot of time to spend a fierce story. Now, I hope that the market is a little bit that the market was a bit about the worries of NCsoft.

Certainly, TL was introduced to the Open World, but it was hard to find the response to the Gelda, GTA, and the Singapy Open World. Rather, I was wondering what there was a lot of turning on TL.

Seo Min-seok Center Chang = There are already many open-world masterpieces. After TL comes out, I think that the word ‘NC expression open world’ is not established.

Choi, Mun-young = There was a market response that expects something to the past PC game, NCsoft games. “If NC is made, it will be different.” It is aiming to rescue such anticipation through TL.

There were many masters that were released because of Corona 19. Will TL will be released in the fourth quarter, as scheduled?

Choi Mun-young = We are preparing to do so. It seems to be able to discuss the release schedule more specifically when it is in the summer.

Personally, if you look at NCC, you think now. Even if you are talking about stocks, if you are Lineage after 5 years and 10 years… ‘Lineage’ IP and MMORPG dependence, do not escape the global market?

Choi Mun-young = NCsoft has never been a crisis. It was a crisis. Overcoming the crisis and there was now NCsoft. NCsoft is making a tension and making a game. Think so far, I thought that the internal hurt was high to make a game that matches the market.


NCing, NCsoft’s new development direction ****
Seo Min -seok, director of the center, “I will communicate with our fans and make it together”

What is’Ning ‘?

Seo Min -seok = NCING means to communicate with our fans from the development process. In the meantime, NCsoft has been misunderstood as an image of ‘not communicating’ in development. In fact, in the meantime, it was not easy to start talking with the user because there was a standard of ‘this level’.

But now I’m going to change little by little. I will not hide it until I am ready, but I will tell you what we are making now. I will exchange opinions with many users who expect NC games. I try to try to capture greater fun.

All of this is ‘Ensing’. We will join users with the stories and developments of various games that NC is developing.

Is there a goal of ‘Ensing’?

Seo Min -seok = When NC shows a new game, I waited for my baby, not ‘Oh, this game is coming out’. Let’s run properly. ‘ It is the biggest goal of ‘Ensing’ to ensure that we can develop together with our fans in each game.

NCsoft’s expectation is different.

Seo Min -seok = Originally a brand and tried to release it at the end of May. I hope that NCsoft will be read as a willingness to communicate with readers. Ensing can be a game video and can be released, and it can be introduced in an interview. Or it can be a blog post or a short short shot. We will continue to publish various contents in various forms.

Is the high verification hurdles inside NCsoft before now?

Seo Min -seok = Personally, I don’t think Ensing is a method of verification. We are not trying to verify, but we try to use a small number of opinions from outside and use them to develop more fun. Naturally, the developers who make games are gamers. Let’s talk to gamers who like games to make more fun games.

The process of verification will be separate in terms of perfection and quality. Ensing listens to many opinions and accepts the company with a willingness to communicate with the user.

When I do it, users can be considered the opposite of planning intentions. In this case, will Mr. Y will continue their intentions for the first time?

Seo Min -seok = Planning intentions and opposition opinions will have a lot of reviews and concerns internally. First of all, I will inform the user about why NCsoft intended and direction. If we explain what we did in the process, we look forward to seeing the developers and users who like the game can understand each other.

NC makes MMORPGs well, but the different genre, like Battle Roh, still appears a question mark (?). Will Ensing also help to develop for other genres?

Choi Moon -young = I make something good. In other cases, you can think of ‘TL as a console, and you can make a console game well?’ Eventually, the game should be made and the market will be verified, but NC makes it well.

Ensing is not a top priority for verification of other genres and verification of the platform. Now we are now showing what we have made so far to the user, and we are focused on making user feedback with Nsing and making them better games.

Ensing won’t stop reading the official homepage article or checking the number of YouTube likes.

Seo Min -seok = PDMO There is a communication room for Nsing under PDMO. This department organizes user feedback through Ensing and prepares to collaborate with other departments in the company. As I said, Ning simply checks YouTube likes or checks the posts. We will create a communication window where you can receive all possible opinions. I will feel that NCsoft makes a game with the user.

NCsoft is trying to create the next IP.

Seo Min -seok = IP competition is so severe worldwide. In terms of PDMO and village, they are making various IPs. The game is also IP itself.

If you reply with the Ensing you do, eventually Ensing is for the future fans. Talking and communicating with each other about the process under development is the process of creating IP. When you talk to your fans than NC planned, you can get a better direction. When it is made so, I think that fans will lead the reaction that “my favorite game is Inje.”

What NC has been hiding the development process so far is less than the level I wanted. In fact, there was a feeling that ‘we are still NCsoft.’ ‘I have it!’ doing. In the future, we will tell people who like our games, even if we are not at the level we want. So it may seem a bit less ready. Now I will listen to more and try to make together. Still, when it is released, it will be perfect.

NCsoft seems to have chosen a more difficult way than before.

Choi Moon -young = In the end, NC wants to make a fandom and make a game with them. One of the goals of the character house in the village is to create a character that can make a fan.

Seo Min -seok = To do that, you must draw the user’s attention through impacted events. Such impact events will soon be. I am preparing to show you that the user can say, “I know why NC is trying to make a console game.”

Village, make Bible’s IP Bible ****
Lee Chae -sun, “Discuss all ideas more freely”

If you listen to now, as a whole, NCsoft is a new organization called ‘Village’ under a new tissue called ‘Encing’. In particular, the Village is a CCO direct organization of Kim Taek-jin.

** It is from the beginning of this year, which is called the formal name called ‘Village’. From a few years ago, there were many cases that various ideas for new IPs were abstract for new IPs. Kim Tae-jin, CCO, said, “I would like to have made a team that can be specified to be a company’s asset,” he said. “

Village is an organization consisting of four houses (house) named art, light boxes, characters, and bricks. An IP Bible production team that creates a variety of content to be introduced in media culture, such as animation, webtoon, novel, as well as the IP, as well as animation, webtoon and novel. Bible is not to contain a sacred meaning, and it can be explained to various sets that are written in the field of animation production.

What happens each of the four houses?

이채선 = △캐릭터 하우스는 IP에 사용될 새로운 캐릭터들을 발굴해 입체성을 구축하는 작업을 한다. The Wright Box House makes the IP live through the narrative. It also collaborates with a variety of organizations that IP can be strategically utilized and makes IP bibbles.

The Art House is a team that makes it possible to visualize the proposed IP and ideas and recognize them into a subject. △ Brick House creates a design so that each element made to be created with content bricks to form a content brick.

Project E trailer image, a character called ‘Kim Sun-kyung’ is introduced as a ‘given a wage’. If you introduce the task of Village in case of project E?

Enchanting = Project E trailer video was a bit different way. The project E’s Kim Sun-gum is the first and starting the entire visual concept than the character settings.

There is an atmosphere that is entirely recognized in the project E video. Can I make such a visual video once? I started from the idea of. The narrative that could be put on the visual concept I made a story through the Light Box House. As the characters that appear in the story are gradually completed, the character of Kim Sun-gum was also made. Since the character house, the character was a law that Kim Sun-gum has to have a statement that the character had to have. If a Kim, Sun and character is implemented in the game, it was determined at this time when it appeared and behaved in some way.

When the developer makes a game, the genre was first set up and went to the flesh, and the flesh. On the other hand, Jeni Village works first when a house idea comes to emerging, and forms other houses on the idea. So, like the existing development process, it does not have an A-B-C-D order, and is more flexible and organically.

For example, a character house can first create a personality character and use a brick house. On the other hand, when the Brick House requests the necessary character for the current concept, then the character house may create a new character. This is a organization that can discuss all the ideas that can be used as IP as IP.

Yen pursues Open Innovation. It is not to be made in all the girls needed in the game because there is Village. If the NC is doing well, it is trying to go to the way to collaborate with the exterior if he is a lack of NCC.

Choi Mun-young = In the end, Village is ready to create a deep game in NC. In the past, if you have prepared only to the game for a game, you are now creating characters, world views, and stories to ensure that you can stretch out with novels, webtoons, and animations.

The market is “what is ready for the global market”. Village seems to be the answer. For example, as an example of the action game, there are many users who want to have the fun of the action, the fun of the action, and the character’s narrative and the world view. If you do not have properly, you can rain like a fundamental game. Yen is preparing well without anything else.

If you look at the TL trailer video, you should see the siege, and you need to know why you have to take the castle that the castle.

Choi, Mun-young = The reason is that I see TL secondary creations later. Enjoy the TL, and the second creative, collaborating with the exterior, and the secondary creations. I will deal with the entire world view, or preach the story every character. It is contents that can enjoy a more fun game of TL.

In the end, Billy is a department for NCsoft’s cultural business?

Make a challenge = Not simply a team to pursue cultural business. Kim Taek-jin CCO is literally ‘Creative Officer’? There is a goal to create a creative game with a new IP.

In a sense, IP is simply tended to simply set the IP. In addition to settings, special play or cultures that NCC can be made can be seen as IP. This diverse IP is not destroyed, and in the Yen, the aim of Village is also shared in the Yen, as a shared, written in personal development or to the project.

Until now, when the game company creates a game, it can be thought to be a similar feeling in the basic framework. However, the criteria to make the game game is not. Yen wants to be a lot of new attempts and wants to put a lot of new ideas. In addition to stories, there are many troubles, such as visuals, no new ones, played before and before the game did not show up. A place to specify these thoughts is borrowed.

Kim Tae-jin NC Soft representative “Variance” ****
“Make genres to communicate with global,

CCO Kim Taek-jin specially ordered?

Choi, Mun-young = I think that Kim Taek-jin’s order is made, rather than we received, than we have received. Kim Taek-jin CCO simply makes us to work and supervises. Kim Taek-jin CCO is also divided and participating in a minute in the development of new games.

Kim Taek-jin CCO will continue to talk to the leader group and then talked until the result is made. And the result of the leaders is not as much as Kim Taek-jin is satisfied. It is difficult to satisfy 100% of Kim Taek-jin CCO. In fact, it is always a relaxing thing to make it happen.

So we always try to do our best. I do not know how to make a little better than I, and I do not think it’s not, but it repeated the work that it is boldly.

Kim Taek-jin Da CCO is to diversify genres, communicating with global, and creating. This is the same as I think. I’ll show you the appearance of the past to the past.

If you have a memorable word?

Choi, Mun-young = Kim Taek-jin CCO said “variations”. I pursued a new one, and I wanted to worry about the part that NCsoft wanted to leave something in the game industry.

Seo Min-seok = “Variance” is not the meaning of the past because of the wrong thing. Kim Taek-jin’s CCO is watching the quality of the game and the user who likes the game. Let’s communicate with these courses more and change.

Choi, Mun-young = We have to keep in mind that we have to continue to prepare for the future.

If you think of the admission of the Enci, you may be more difficult for the development to be able to catch up in the future. If it was second place, I’ll chase the first place. So now the situation is more difficult.

Seo Min-seok = If you stay still, it is right.

Choi, Mun-young = Eventually, it must be a global number one.

Interview with NCSOFT
In fact, there is a perception of ‘NCsoft = Kim Taek-jin’. Now, I wonder if Choi Mun-young PDMO is a game developer with a philosophy. I am important for someone to oversee new ones.

Choi, Mun-young = I just want to make a pleasant game itself. Now I want to make a real game. Personally, even if it is not a game, I have been touching any product when I saw a product. For example, for example, there is a carefully made works until the place where no one would go. Like there is a hidden mission where no one will come. I want to create a game that leads to the whole of such a small detail.

There are also talking on business models, but eventually, a well-made games think that the user who looks like itself is clearly. Yen is trying to make things that are not visible well. One frame is trying to make it more smoothly, and it is troubled that the fraud is also trying to naturally be natural to avoid awkward. I want to make such a game.

It was 14 years since I joined NCsoft. 14 years ago, there is an imagined yen as an exterior. At that time, Mr. Yen was a huge… I thought that other game users could not do things. Mr. Yi, who joined joined, actually did it. There is a part of what I expected, but it is obviously a part of the part. The clear thing is that Yen is changing to show better look. Since now, when the external developer saw NCC, I want to make it as a company I want to work with.