Game Pub, Radish Muge RPG Synthetic Girl Pre-registration for mid-May

The game pub announced on the 26th that it will carry out formal pre-registration prior to the launch of the RPG ‘Synthetic Girl’ in Korea.

The “Synthetic Girl”, which is a game pub service and developed by Chocolate Soft, is the official subsequent of the “Matching Matching Battery”, which was a game audition and Indie Kraft Top 20, and unlike the previous work of Dot Graphics, a cute 2D character It is a game based on. All elements of ripple RPG, such as collecting, synthesizing, reincarnating, and automatic combat, including collecting and growing characters acquired through constant synthesis.

In particular, the four classes that appear in the game, more than 32 attractive girls, each have a variety of skills and micics, respectively. It is also fun to pap and strengthen various weapons. Particularly randomly determined, the effect of defining the farming desire further. In addition, you can increase the maximum value that can be produced and possessed through the lab and you can enjoy a variety of contents, such as modified mines that update the maximum damage to the top of the ascension to challenge their limitations, and the combination of the strongest dealers in the investigation team.

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In mid-May, the “Synthetic Girl”, which is scheduled to launch in Korea, has already conducted a soft launch of the global market, including Germany, Australia and the Philippines, and plans to introduce a more upgraded service by reflecting the various feedback of users collected through soft launching..