Dungeon Fighter Online

Lost Arc Elgasia Update completed! Valance patch also modified

On April 27, worked with the new continent ‘Elgasia’.

The core is the new story and Abyss Dungeon Kaanggel in Elgasia. In addition, modifications were applied to the predicted balance patch. The existing balance patch, which was applied to the test server, was controversial among users, regardless of being evaluated for failing to touch the structural problems of each class.

Advancement of the set level level, adding new grades of Ability Stone

The new continent ‘Elgasia’ can be entered by clearing the item level 1460 or higher and clearing the ‘Paradise of Unmissed’. Accordingly, new world maps, cards and adventures were also added.

Smilegate RPG introduces the Elgasia Continental Update and explains, “Cinematic dungeon Caryanggel can enjoy the magnificent BGM and elegant sound that fits the sanctuary of light.”

The new Abyss Dungeon ‘Kanggel’ has also been updated. It is divided into two dungeons of ‘Neru of perforation’ and ‘Cradle of Eternity’, and the difficulty is composed of normal and hard difficulty. The recommended item level for normal difficulty is 1475, and the hard is divided into three difficulty levels with a minimum of 1520 to 1580.

As originally predicted, Ability Stone upgrade was also added. Tier 3 relics and grades can be upgraded to ancient grades, and a total of three stages can be upgraded. And the set level of the ancient ranking equipment equipment has expanded to level 3. All promotion goods can be obtained from the Abyss Dungeon Kaanggel.

Balance patch some modifications. Future improvement and supplementation

This update includes the balance patch that was applied to the last test server. However, some amendments were applied in consideration of the fact that they received a lot of feedback from the user. Smilegate RPG said, “I would like to say to the adventurer of sincere gratitude and the lack of an apology.”

Smilegate RPG explained, “I agree with the lack of balance patch,” he said. However, “clearly recovered some of the parts that were judged to be different from our intentions. Also, some items have been improved by combining test results and feedback contents.”

For example, in the case of a significant controversy, it seems that there seems to be a gap with the concept of the class that users who have played the technician for a long time. The skill damage was adjusted as much as it was. The company plans to continue to carefully review the structural problems of the technician.

The judgment of the Summoner ‘Water Spirit’ Counter Skill, which was controversial due to a somewhat puzzled counter decision, was also adjusted. The performance of Sorceress, which adopts the ‘ignition’ identity and the blades with ‘burst’ imprints, was found to be somewhat lower than it was intended. Dohwaga has changed to restore the vitality of party members when casting the ‘Rising Year’ skill instead of the ‘in full swing’.

Sorceress/Zauberin lost ark EU release LP 48

In addition, additional adjustments were made for various classes such as blasters, battle masters, and demonic. The striker’s ‘brain hike’, which has changed through the test server, has been updated due to a transparent wall phenomenon where the distance is shorter. The amendment of the brain healing skill will be applied after the transparent wall phenomenon is resolved.

The specialty of the balance update contents can be found on the official website of the Lost Arc. The purple part of the developer comments is the development team’s comments at the time of the test server balance patch, and the brown part is explained by applying the balance patch to this server and explaining the additional adjusted part.

Smilegate RPG said, “As the first step in the change of balance planned in the long run, we will try to improve and supplement the parts that are a bit more and more satisfactory.”