How to unlock everything in teardown

The most fun and exciting aspect of Teardown is a game in the “sandbox” mode, since you can appear and do whatever you want. The only problem is that the game does not allow you to play with most items in the sandbox mode until you unlock it in the campaign mode. In such a scenario, you can open and use each object in Teardown, Insert the finished game file in a folder with the game saving files. This makes your system believe that you have completed the campaign mode by unlocking all objects for the sandbox mode.

Unlock the card/objects for the sandbox in Teardown

As mentioned above, you will need to insert the finished saving file into the file catalog. You can get a copy of the finished saving file with this URL.

Unlock all Tools instantly and Max Level on Teardown

After downloading the file, go to the game saving files. By default, it is present in C: users%username%Appdatalocalteardown.

Find the name Savegame.xml and replace it with a uploaded file. Launch the game, and each item in the game will be available for use in the “sandbox” mode.

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