These are the three new PS Now games for May 2022: Lucha and Metroidvania

Your NEW PS Now Games!!! (May 2022!)
PS Now , the video game service on demand of PlayStation , welcomes three new titles in its catalog. So much so, that from tomorrow, May 3, 2022 , they will become part of their catalog Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 , Soulcalibur VI and BlShippuden Ultimatephemous . This hShippuden Ultimate been announced by PlayStation through its official blog, sharing the details of the three titles and reminding its users of the imminent changes that the subscription will suffer from June with the new model of PlayStation Plus .

Three novelties for PlayStation Now

Thus, among the novelties of PS Now for this month of May we find Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 , the most complete delivery of the fighting saga inspired by the Naturo Manganime Universe that includes History Mode for a player, fighting multiplayer at home and an exciting online mode against fighters around the world.

We continue with the virtual cakes with Soulcalibur VI , one of the clShippuden Ultimatesic sagShippuden Ultimate of the genre that with its sixth numbered delivery offers a good handful of game modes, new mechanics and a lot of faces known next to new entries of characters, In addition to a great creative way.

Finally, BlShippuden Ultimatephemous , the celebrated Metroidvania created in Spain with a unique style and retro graphics, bursts hard on PS Now with all its disturbing imagery and a challenge at the level of the most demanding games in the market.

Shippuden Ultimate we say, PlayStation also reminds us that the Subscription A PS Now will merge with PS Plus through a new service that will offer more options, benefits and games depending on the level each user chosen; In the cShippuden Ultimatee of PS Now subscribers, the subscription will pShippuden Ultimates to PS Plus Premium with more catalog of new and clShippuden Ultimatesic games. Do not miss all the information about the new PS Plus tiers.