League of legends

LOL: The unique mechanics of an unusual champion that will help you perform two strategies at the same time

With more than 150 champions , League of Legends is one of those games capable of surprising us in each game we play . Many times we have been able to find drafts very crazy in qualifiers that have been surprisingly well or builds in different characters that are not the best but that can be effective according to what occasions. Rengar Ap, watching tank or lethality are one of the many options that we have seen throughout the invoker’s crack, but this time we will not talk about an absurd composition or characters intendo, but of a unique champion for the mechanics of your definitive. **

Indeed, we talk about Yorick and her definitive one of her of her capable of going alone to any place on the map thanks to the enormous peel of her and of her endures in front of many strong champions in the goal. We highlight the champion for throwing many turrets in the game, but very few know that he can do something else very important in the game: to get goals while throwing Torres.

As can be seen in the clip published by “Onepercentof100” in Reddit, the user was going quite well in the game and was divided between helping the lower line or making the dragon . What was the decision ? Do both at the same time invoking with its rhi -panegírico of the islands to the lady of the fog next to other subjects of the champion to take care of the dragon. And it is that the pastor of souls was so advanced in the game that he was able to do these two things at once, ending both missions. It should be said that precisely the dragon that left had no attacks in the area, so it greatly benefited it by the burial companion.

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Yorick is one of those unique champions in the game for this type of thing that no other character has in the Moba of Riot Games, since the others who have the ability to invoke a partner like the bear of Annie or Margarita de Iivern, have an established limit that forces him to be close to the champion. That is something that the fog lady does not have and that causes enormous freedom and impact on the map of this partner of Yotics.