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Eve Online and Microsoft Excel form an unexpected alliance

Collaborations in the world of video games are usually the most frequent, especially in the creation of ambitious projects, an example, would be the next _ Star Wars _ Open World in which it works _ Ubisoft _ . However, then alliances are not seen to come in any way, this is happening with the game _ Eve online _ and _ Excel _ of _ Microsoft _ .

For those who are oblivious, _ Eve online _ is a space MMO where players build, administer, exchange and add to fight against enemy fleets on a dedicated server. Something attributed to the game is its complexity, this is due to the amount of data used in the commands, it is even said that it has “spreadsheets”.

That takes it to an association _ Microsoft Excel _ , to create a _ API JavaScript _ that will give future travelers the ability to export game data directly to _ Office _ . It is not said exactly how it will work, but it is mentioned that there will be more information this year.

Here the official description:

EVE Online Industry - Your first excel warehouse

Through the association with Microsoft, Eve players can add a JavaScript API in Excel to export data without problems. The compatibility of Excel functions will help players to access and calculate everything, from the profit margins to the battle strategy, making daily operations easier to perform. The integration of Microsoft is another step towards the objective of CCP to make the MMO more accessible for both casual and experienced players. More information about the association will be available at the end of this year.

The video game _ Eve online _ has been characterized over time because it is difficult accessibility, but now that this collaboration will be carried out, it is evident that they will look for a path to make it easier to understand. Maybe this is the right path, one that leads to this launch to put a pair of _ Starcraft _ _ II _ of Blizzard.

Remember that the game is only available on PC .