Forgiveness and revenge military dramas, Yuru Kill of Original Sins Execution

The original sin execution, Yurukil (hereinafter referred to as Yurukil) is a game that has been a hot topic in many ways before its launch. Not only did the two genres of adventures and shooting, which seemed to have no relationship at first glance, were also expected to show what kind of interesting stories would be, as Kageturui’s Kawa Moto Homura and Muno Hikaru participated in the scenario. In order to answer questions about ‘Yuru Kill’, Umeda Shinsuke and producer of Izanagi Games came out. On the 14th, I had time to answer various questions related to ‘Yurukil’ through a special broadcast of Play Expo Ruricon.

First of all, Umeda Shinsuke explained that the title of ‘Yuru Kill’, which many people wonder, is a name that combines the word and kill the word “Yurusu, Yurus”. In the game, the executor and the prisoner moves to a team, and I wonder if the executor should forgive or kill the prisoner.

To this end, ‘Yuru Kill’ has established an interesting story by participating in the scenario of Kawa and Moto Homura and Muno Hikaru. It doesn’t deal with social issues and irrationalities like Kaggegurui, but attractive characters and their stories form a military drama.

Adventure and shooting. Rather, it was meaningful to connect these two genres, so Umeda Shinsuke replied. Not only two genres in one game, but each part of the game affects each other. For example, in the high -speed quiz part before entering the shooting part, you need to understand the story in the adventure part to correct the correct answer.

In addition, if you deal damage to the boss in the shooting part, you will get into an in -depth hearing, which can be proved to prove that you are innocent. Of course, if you fail, the remaining life will be reduced. In this way, ‘Yuru Kill’ said that shooting skills are important, but even if they are not able to proceed in favor of the two parts, they have paid much attention so that they are exquisitely fused.

On the other hand, as it was a game that deals with murder and trials, I thought it was heavy, but I was surprised that I was 12 years old. However, he added that it is a game that is suitable for adults rather than the theme or content.

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When there was an unreasonable thing about the message that the game that everyone would be curious about, how to accept and respond to it, and to forgive a person, the revenge has another revenge. I want to confirm it.