Machinima: 100 Star Citizen players are mobilizing for Operation Sandstorm

As we know, Star Citizen is still officially in alpha-test, but nevertheless already welcomes a number of players who contribute to bringing the world of play. To illustrate this in-game activity, nearly a hundred These players (from France, from the United States, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany, all from five organizations playing in play) mobilized to participate in the Machinima Sandstorm -A short film made in play, by the players and putting the players with the goal of “transcribing as closely as possible the intensity of Star Citizen’s fights”.

The film therefore retraces the Sandstorm operation: a rebellious group has taken control of part of Daymar, one of the main Crusader moons. The UNE Earth Empire then orders the resumption of a strategic outpost in order to paralyze the operations of the enemy. However, it will be necessary to count with the presence of air defenses and many troops on the ground…

Sandstorm | Star Citizen Machinima

For the record, Star Citizen is the subject of regular updates (the latests have notably contributed to optimizing the game engine) and so that the curious can forge a concrete opinion on the title on the right account, a Free access week will be organized from May 20 to 31 : As part of the _invictus celebrations,The curious can therefore download and play Star Citizen for free. Each day of the week, a different selection of vessels will be released in game, therefore making it possible to take orders for free of a hundred devices in total during the few days of the operation. For amateurs, the details are available here on the official website.