The developers of the Royal Battle of Bloodhunt reported on the first wave of chitlers banks

The recently convention-free-paying battle of Bloodhunt was faced with one of the most important problems of the genre-unscrupulous players who use extraneous programs to gain advantage in the game over others. Naturally, the Sharkmob developer knows this, and this week he decided to talk about the anti-reading system and the number of already banned cheaters.

First of all, the studio notes that the most important weapon against such players is a specially created team that is constantly engaged in viewing reports and tracking cheaters in various ways. Thus, on May 13, about 755 accounts were already banned, and the developer continues to block an average of 50 accounts daily.


Meanwhile, the message also indicates that thanks to the Easy Anti-Cheat system, almost 900 players were visible from May 11 to 12, and these are excellent indicators in comparison with the previous days. Below you can find an interesting schedule.

Of course, the fight against Chiters can continue almost indefinitely, and therefore Sharkmob is going to take a couple of steps to at least reduce their number and influence on gameplay for fans of the game.

The studio plans to enter a two -factor authentication that will require a mobile number when registering a new account. The next step, developers are going to separate experienced players (playing several hours) from beginners who will fight among themselves on other servers. Thus, they want to protect the devoted base of fans from cheaters as much as possible.