Brunhilda guide and update of the AOV level list

A new hero, Brunhilda is accessible (guide here _) high mobility shooter capable of placing mines and becoming artillery. Back to the main AOV page

Once the players’ base has learned to manage it, how and when to get started / disengage, or how to save important control capacities for its entry into the game. In entrenchment mode, I think Brunhilda will lose his value. For the moment, the epic status is appropriate.

Brunhilda’s liability adds batteries (up to 5) that increase the chances of critical blow and attack damage. This makes it strong in prolonged fights and attaches particular importance to the rapid expenditure of all ultimate charges, as well as to constant attack. In addition, I must say that without a certain attack speed, it is somewhat problematic to prevent the batteries from falling, because the duration is very short (1.5 seconds currently). The best mobility skills in the game. This allows Brunhilda to reposition itself quickly and, in all honesty, it really needs it.

Sentry is a type of competence that inflicts damage, reduces the enemy’s armor and, at the same time, adds a brunhilda shield. This capacity is the main reason why Omni Arms is in its structure, its improved attack with reduced armor… You can see its potential.

The ultimate entrenchment of Brunhilda transforms it into a stationary unit with increased scope and projection radius. his attacks. This lasts 15 seconds or 7 attacks, depending on the first end.

Overall, Brunhilda is a niche heroine, overall good, but against the composition of certain teams, she can be extremely vulnerable. It is particularly strong in the composition of the seat, where the whole team is equipped to cope with long -distance enemies, while being able to control hard at short distance.

disappointing. This is the case for some time now that Wiro has been quite low compared to other heroes. Its control is powerful, its execution is somewhat awkward.

After several nerves against Riktor in the past, we think that his influence has dropped to the point that his status goes from Epic to Good.

Regarding Butterfly, because the new enchantment system can be adapted to integrate perfectly into its skills in terms of health restored to death, I am very attentive to the way it behaves in the meta-game ‘Today and it will change its status if the improvement was sufficiently significant.

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