Com2us Holdings Gameville Pro Baseball Superstars C2X

[Superstars Park Ye -jin reporter] Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 20th that ‘Gameville Pro Baseball Superstars (hereinafter referred to as Gemp, Baseball Superstars)’ will join the C2X blockchain platform.

Gempya is a 12 -series developed by Com2us Holdings, recording 70 million downloads. The latest work, ‘Gempya 2022’, is characterized by the development of your own club by recruiting a unique trainer. Since the launch of the global global launch in 2020, the proportion of overseas users is about 60%.

The C2X Blockchain Ecosystem will be released in the first half of the first half of the Beta Game Launcher. Earlier, the company opened its global brand homepage that introduces Gempya’s token economic system and new goods.

According to the global brand page, ‘Silver Ball’ and ‘Gold Ball’, the core goods of the token economic system, will be added. Silverball can be obtained through event missions, and goldballs can be obtained by participating in the ‘Galaxy Cup 1st Division’. Each dedicated store allows you to buy a variety of items. Silverball is used for ‘Trainer Potential Open’ and Goldball is used for ‘Core Cube draw’.

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In some countries, such as Korea, Japan, and Singapore, new goods can be used only in the game, and the blockchain game system does not apply.