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LOL: The champion feared by Riot that the developers did wrong on purpose

League of Legends has dragged programming failures since its launch and there are even players who think they are worse. However, and although Riot Games’s game is far from perfect, it is actually a paradox. We can think that there are every time a greater number of bugs because our knowledge about everything that happens in the title has not stopped increasing as the years have progressed. However, when some stories are revealed about their first years is when we realize the disaster that became the video game.

The champion that Riot did wrong on purpose

One of these stories about the distant past of League of Legends is that of Yorick . Although this character was almost irrelevant to the community before receiving his reown, he exemplifies many of the changes in the developer. With a skill kit created in three days, he is the second least popular champion in the history of the game only surpassed by the old urgot version. However, when nobody chose the grave in their games, the developers did not care. Instead, they relaxed knowing that His great failures of him continued to go unnoticed .

Riot August explained in a live situation the situation of the character. He assures him that, although no one chose it, they never wanted to improve it. The reason was in the programming failures. “We did it wrong on purpose, and there is a reason for it. His ultimate was one of the most bugs things in the history of League of Legends. ” This phrase requires nuances. It is not that the old Yorick was not good in terms of effectiveness, since he had a good rate of victories. Simply, no improvements were introduced to make it more fun or increase its popularity.

To explain the danger that could cause an increase in the popularity of Yorick, Riot August pointed out that he “had constantly broken the games.” According to him, the champion did not simply had programming failures that could cause malfunction, but that “ could break the game servers “. From one moment to another, an error could make the game be terminated due to a bad interaction of its definitive. In short, he had the “most dangerous bugs” that have existed in League of Legends.

In this sense, Riot Games took away a great weight from above with the launch of the character’s reown , since most of Yorick’s problems were in the old one of him. This ability, completely missing, allowed to create a clone of an ally that attacked enemies. In addition to this, when the partner marked by the spell fell in combat, he became the clone in such a way that he could fight ten more seconds. A very interesting unique mechanic that gave him a niche of use and that, fortunately, the players did not take advantage.

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Currently, League of Legends works much more ease. It is true that there are programming failures capable of annoying the games. However, things that “break the game” only do so figuratively. It is annoying when something does not work as it should and we do well in complaining about situations such as the new Yorick still drag dozens of failures, but at least there are no champions that are able to end the game for what is known as a fatal bug.