The first great video game union in the US is real!

Activision Blizzard has faced various problems in the last year. From accusations of abuse, demands of all kinds and labor strikes. It was in this context, where at the beginning of 2022 it was announced that quality control workers in Raven Software, a study in charge of call of duty: Warzone, intended to create the first union in an AAA company in the United States. After almost six months of fighting, today this process has been formalized.

Raven Software QA Become First Major Video Game Industry Union | JPNN - Friday, May 23, 2022

Today, May 23, 2022, a vote was held where the 22 Raven Software members decided to make their union recognized by the National Board of Labor Relations, or NLRB in English. At the end of this event, which was broadcast on Twitch, 19 people voted in favor, with three in opposition . Thus, the long process, which began last January, finally had a positive result. This was what Tom Smith, Organizing Director of Communication Workers of America, or CWA in English: or CWA:

“The Board’s decision reinforces what workers have been experiencing in Activision when they try to raise concerns about serious problems in the company. To rebuild confidence in Activision, Bobby Kotick must take the right way and start listening to workers instead of doing everything possible, even violating the law, to silence them. ”

This was not a simple process. ** Activision Blizzard did everything possible so that the union was destroyed as soon as possible. All members of the company’s quality control, with the exception of employees who were working to form the union.

At the end of the day, It will be these people who now have the power in negotiations on better salaries, job security and business responsibility. At the moment there is no official response by Activision Blizzard, but this is a historic moment For the video game industry in the United States.

Considering the situation in other large companies, It would not be unreasonable for this to be only the beginning of a long transformation in the video game industry in this country . In related issues, Microsoft is not against this union. Similarly, Nintendo has been accused of bad relationship with part -time workers.

Editor’s note:

These are very good news. It was almost six months of a long fight, but at the end of the day, Raven Software workers achieved their mission, which is a fantastic achievement that, I hope, manages to repeat more companies.