No Mans Sky: Expedition Leviathan Update brings space whales and Roguelike

Six years No Man’s Sky is now old and whoever has the responsible developer studio Hello Games at the release 2016 for non-observed promises and criticized the lack of content, you should have been satisfied for a long time. Because the hardworking developers have since hit one update after the other.

So there have been new food for astronauts several times this year, including with the Sentinel update, while they were even brought into play huge sandworms last year. But No Man’s Sky fans can continue to look forward to new content and with the Expedition Leviathan another Update has now ended up on the planet of the game.

New No Man’s Sky Update: Caught in the time loop

On the official website of No Man’s Sky you have more precise information about the update for adventurous planetary researchers who can plunge into the new expedition from today. Accordingly, the Leviathan update brings a t up-to-up roguelike mode : All players end up in a mysterious time loop and only if the community works together, they can also escape the surprising phenomenon.

Roguelike typically, your death means the early end and the time loop starts all over again. After all, you can find procedurally generated memory fragments from previous loops that give you some advantages for your respective passage. The more players take part in the expedition, the better the said fragments also pays off.

No Man’s Sky: Leviathan Expedition Out Today, Includes Space Whales And Roguelike Time Loop
In the time loop, however, there is also a story in which the title-giving space whale Leviathan should play a not insignificant role, of course you have to find out yourself. The new game mode is available from today and can be played for the next six weeks. As always, there is a lot of appealing rewards in the form of spaceship decorations.

If you have not carefully followed the update story about No Man’s Sky (now buy € 35.40 /€ 22.99), but the electricity of news about the space adventure has aroused your interest, we recommend you here Our article from last year, in which we deal with the current situation of the title and show how Hello Games’ intergalactic sandbox has changed in five years.

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