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Where to find Gargva eggs in Monster Hunter Rise

Gargva’s eggs are an unusual subject of account in the game Monster Hunter Rise. Gargva’s egg, laid down by the gargova during the attack, is very fragile and can break while you carry it. Gargva egg delivery is what you can do as part of any quest for bonus camura glasses. But this is also part of the request “Egg-Persenced Idea”, in which you are asked to deliver two eggs of Gargva in exchange for a new drawing of a youth egg.

How to deliver Gargva’s eggs to perform an egg idea in Monster Hunter Rise

To deliver the Gargva egg, you need to surprise Gargva. This will make him lay an egg that you can take and carry. To complete the delivery, you will need to take the egg back to the main camp and place it in a box with objects.

Location of the Gargva egg in the ruins of the temple

Gargvai eggs can be obtained anywhere, but the best places are areas of 2, 6 and 13 ruins of the temple anywhere on the river, which flows along the edge of the map. Although the Gargs appear in other places, they are best suited for the safe transportation of Gargva eggs.

How to Surprise Gargva

To take Gargva by surprise, you need to sneak up to her, bending, and then attack it until the creature is provoked on you. This will make them lay an egg, which can be selected and taken to the camp. You can use the usual attack with a weapon or a throwing kunai for this attack. Far battle attacks, as a rule, are better helping to take monsters by surprise.

Gargwa Eggs Monster Hunter Rise An Egg-Cellent Idea Request

Best Delivery Route Gargva

The best way to deliver the Gargva egg back down the river. Large monsters, as a rule, avoid rivers for the most part, and only other Gargwas will be in your way. The best option is to kill all Gargv and other small monsters on the path of transporting eggs. This means that the best route will be down the river flowing between zones 13 and 2.

How safe to transport gargova eggs

Remember that when carrying eggs, you will move much slower and will be more vulnerable to attacks. And although you can run, dodge and use Wirebug, if your endurance falls to 0, you will drop the egg and you will have to do all this again.

all types of use of the Gargva egg

Gargwa egg delivery will bring you a significant number of Kamura points. In addition, at the first execution of the quest “The idea of an egg” in the forge, the drawing of a new hammer hammer will be unlocked.

Awards for the quest “Eggy idea”

The implementation of this request is awarded by the EGG Hammer I design drawing. As soon as this drawing is unlocked, you can use the EGG-Hammer I and its improvements if you have appropriate materials.

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