Recruitment of 6 investors with Conjinwon Investment Project

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency (Chinjinwon) will recruit participating companies ‘Content Pitching Platform KNOCK’ until June 15.

Kinox is a support program for investment attraction that supports the company’s funds and growth by connecting content companies and investors. This year, six investors will participate in the Daekyo Investment, The Investment Lab, Logan Ventures, Lotte Ventures, Central Investment Partners, and Union Investment Partners.

Conjinwon will select a total of 18 participants this year and match them with Kinox Partners to link investment. Partners discover three promising contents companies with Conjinwon, and cooperate as their homeroom mentors to attract corporate growth and investment.

▲ Daekyo Investment is an animation, character, OTT content and convergence technology ▲ The Investment Lab is a content service and platform ▲ Logan Ventures is a game, meta bus content, convergence content and original IP ▲ Lotte Ventures NFT, P2E, Virtual character, VFX Convergence Digital Contents and Platforms ▲ Central Investment Partners ▲ Union Investment Partners will focus on original IP, video content and convergence content related companies and projects.

Participants will receive corporate diagnosis, investment attraction roadmap development, and homeroom mentoring with partners through about 12 weeks of capacity building programs. In addition, it will be provided with expert consulting, pitching education, and demo day participation to strengthen business capabilities such as business models, law, accounting, patents, copyright, marketing, R & D, and overseas expansion. Excellent companies will also receive a total of 50 million won in prizes.

In particular, this year, instead of a single investor meeting, we will increase the possibility of attracting investment by establishing long-term contacts with participants and partners. Companies that have been identified as growth are also reviewing partners’ investment.

KNOM was celebrating its eighth year this year, and last year, the game developer NFF was 4.2 billion won, and video monster video monsters attracted 3 billion won.

Conjinwon signed a business agreement with Kinox Partners in May and reorganized Kino to a public-private investment attraction program. The company plans to establish a continuous contact between companies and investors and expand investment in investment linkage to promote investment in the industry.

Cho Hyun-rae, director of Con Jin-Won Cho, said, “K-content, which moves the hearts of people around the world and is recognized for its value, requires smooth funds to continue to grow.” Conjinwon will take the lead in the role of bridge between the content industry and the financial sector. ”

For more information, please visit the announcement posted on the official website of Conjinwon. Companies that want to apply for a project can be accepted through the official website of Conjinwon by 2 pm on June 15th with qualifications and applications.