How to unlock the world task The Tales Behind the Fan World Quest in Genshin Impact

The Tales Behind the Fan is the local task of Genshin Impact, which will reward you with the objects of Serenitea Pot Furnishing called The wonderful gaze of the dragon . This is a hanging decoration that can be placed in the room for 85 load units. Despite the fact that this is a local task, it is not displayed on the board of the reputation of Liue. It also does not include any battles or puzzles and is purely dialogue.


how to unlock the fairy tales standing behind the fan

To unlock the quest, you need to fulfill Interludes Chapter: Act II-Dangerous Trace which includes five quests:

  • Unexpected guest
  • Bottomless labyrinth
  • The danger around
  • End of the line
  • At the end of the tunnel, light

The head of Interlude will be automatically unlocked after the following conditions:

  • Archon Quest Chapter I: Act III-New Star is approaching
  • Raiden Shogun Story Quest Imperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act II-Transient Dreams
  • Arataki Itto Story Quest Taurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I-Rise Up, Golden Soul
  • Local task The abyss Why did the stone of the spirit come down? (part of the quest chain Disfectors)

  • Serenity pot Local assignment of a home teapot: Part I

During the event Dangerous path from from May 31, 2022 to June 20, 2022 You can start the chapter Interlide without completing plot tasks and the local task Serenite Pot above, clicking the icon fast Start button in the event menu.

How to go The Tales Behind The Fan

After fulfilling preliminary requirements, the world task will automatically appear in the tasks menu. You will be invited to take a walk along the Harbor Liue, but you can immediately go to a knockout in the third round , where the storyteller of the Iron Language of Tien entertains guests. As soon as you approach this place, a KAT scene will begin, which will cause a dialogue with Zhunly and the iron tongue of Tien. The quest will end after the end of the dialogue.

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